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Book what is going on heroes can also bring some real rhetorical toward the end of the sermon Gabriel internet mentioned the model of Calvario city church their vision is not just to build a great church they say it's about building a great city one life at a time that's the model but what does that really mean what sort of city on a hill to the cell girls have in mind they definitely have a broad sense of what city means here cover your city church is a church with campuses not just in Orlando but also in New York City and in Porter Rico Gabriel has served on White House advisory councils and has led to prayers at the Democratic National Convention Gabriel engine that are also the co founders of the national Latino evangelical coalition which represents the fastest growing group of evangelicals in America the label evangelical is one that the Salguero was fully embrace it's a big part of who they are so when we sit down to talk to them after Sunday service we asked Gabriel for a definition of what evangelicals believe they have a high view of scripture they believe in Christ as the only savior so they have this evangelistic to proselytize they believe in eternal life an evangelical come from one Kelly on the Greek which is to share the good news so we're committed to the gospel of Christ in a way that transform society how do you do with that he did wonderful he foot if you forgot to say that evangelicals are not a monolith Janet is pointing out something crucial here when you start to ask evangelical Christians exactly how they should transform society or where to even begin that's when you hear a lot of different answers here was a telling moment for the cell Garros soon after they arrived in Orlando in June twenty sixteen tragedy hit the city we begin with that horrifying news breaking overnight in Florida what appears to be the deadliest terror attack on American soil since nine eleven it happened only a few miles from the church on Latin night at a gay nightclub called pulse forty nine people were killed in that shooting attack nearly all of them were Hispanic what a memorial service was held in a city park pastor Gabriel did something that most evangelical leaders would not have done he went to the memorial and spoke at the vigil it was in the town square where it was like the day after the Monday after something like that and they and they asked me and cover of the pastors to pray and one of the young man Latino came afterwards he's gay he says to me doing are you watching television it wouldn't do it here I'm here because I think Jesus would be here this all girls say that the Bible does not condone homosexuality or gay marriage and that's pretty common among evangelicals but despite those beliefs Gabriel engine that say they had a Christian duty to support the post victims and their families so when relatives of one of the victims said that they needed a large church to hold a funeral service Kalbarri opened its doors this is something that many evangelicals would have trouble with but Gabriel says no one should be surprised about his decision just because he doesn't agree with people on certain issues doesn't mean they're not welcome at his church he says people who disagree need to talk with each other the challenging in America today is on very delicate issues we collapsed things too simplistic form whereas we assume that LGBT Q. communities don't have evangelical relatives this is these conversations are happening all the time regrettably it's during these crises that they get attention that that finally people feel it is courageous but people should be courageous every day to have these boundary crossing conversations some girl says he hopes that his church is an example ready to engage with people from a variety of backgrounds genet so Guero who's also the chief operating officer at Calvario says working with immigrants and refugees is a top priority even if it's not a popular move with some evangelicals on the religious right we do serve all other huge refugee community here and they are very important to us and we will serve them as if they are our own and that's why I am as a pastor that's who this church is at the church within the community for the so gross the message of the gospel transcends politics even national borders it's something Gabriel preaches about from the pulpit and he tells us that he worries about the rise of nationalism he sees an American Christianity were Christians bibles teaches that Christ died for the world the Brazilian the Venezuelan the Vietnamese the Cambodian the Russian that and so and we have over twenty five twenty twenty five nations here at Calvary city church we recognize that Christ died for us all and resurrected for us all and so yes love your country but no country is better than any other country in the side of caught many Americans live increasingly and social bubbles based on age race gender politics and so on but the cell carriers are trying to do something different I asked Gabriel directly why he thinks his congregation is able to maintain such internal diversity I'm not trying to make everyone me the gospel doesn't homogenized the gospel unifies you while welcoming the diversity and I think that balance of the gospel what we should justice and reconciliation while respecting people.

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