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Actually I think was the day that Lucy made her debut. And you're right, because I was actually at York that day. And I was there in the Windsor when he came back and frankly, obviously, leaped off. There was no danger of not doing that. The old flying dispatch. And you could feel the love for this horse. As you looked around after the race, people were rushing from all directions from all over the fire to get that position next to the winner's enclosure to see stradivarius coming back. And I think that the gold cup at Asuka's and Frankie said hardly anything about that after the race as you say. Where is on Saturday? He was quick to find a research for being beaten, although it was another job apparently. He didn't say anything at all after the gold cup. And I think it really hurt, I think, because it was a chance to do something very special. On Saturday, I said, ask it. And I think Frankie knew that he was part of what went wrong that day. Again, I'm not slamming. I'm not saying. Pregnant always had a dream McKenzie slams Frankie editori has calls him Mario Mario the plumber. From Nintendo. He would be ridiculous. It was just a race that just didn't go right. And it was one of those things where you all do things every from time to time. When at the end of the day, you look happy I really messed up there, doesn't it? I think in the case of the gold cup at Asuka, the after effects of that race was so horrible that Frankie, you couldn't bring himself to say anything at all. He has still been one of the greatest jobs of my lifetime. And may continue to be so. But the fact is the gold cup didn't go, right? And nor did the race all set up, but it certainly does not make predatory anything other than a racing legend. So come on Frankie. We realized buying back the wind there. You're buying back to love the French. Desperately buying back his love. Yeah, on the day I now remember I was actually in for you. I was presenting and Lucy was on with me and Lucy had been there the day before at York when measured for one that was kind of like the first time that people could actually be at the races. And so you want to be there and you were working there for us as well you were working on Lizzie, and you were sending through your commentary for us. And it was a fantastic performance from that day to beat Spanish mission. And it was an even better performance. You could argue in terms of distance doncaster. He's metric and twice on both occasions that he's metric. It's come on, true chance favorite grand. They ducked each other in the gold cup at ascot. They ducked each other at Goodwood in the strada various lined up and ascot. Didn't true Shen lund up a Goodwood, strawberries didn't, but they've now made it to the twice and on both occasions. Has had his favorite arguably favorite ground and on both occasions. Has pulled clear and won by at least four links. So he comes with a slight asterisk warning in terms of your anti post. Betting balance that if you do want to back them, I'm not going to stop you. But it goes without saying that the ground has to be the proviso for him. Let's talk about the typical British champion sprint sticks. It may not have been champion jockey title for William Buick, but he has enjoyed the fantastic season and it did take two to tango. And without him, we wouldn't have had the epic battle that we had with oshin. As I pointed out, so we have creative force back in the winters and closure at ascot. He'd already won the Jersey stakes. They were quite annoyed, but the fact that they couldn't go for the Commonwealth cup because geldings aren't allowed, running that race, so he had to stretch out to 7. And back at 6, he wins. And I love this horse. I love the fact that there's so many social media updates from godolphin John or John godolphin one of the other who shares so much about him. And it's great to see that. He got within two lengths of starman. He went to Goodwood and was probably expected to win that day, but Ken Ross is very much back and forum. He was only three links off and Maria Anna. And he beats last year's winner and shield by a length. And there was a part of me wanted to put up Glen shield as the choice selection, but there was just no form there this season. So full credit to Archie Watson and Holly Doyle for getting a great tune out of him. But create a force much the best horse on the day. And as you say, has proved to be a good horse at 7 films as well. 6 furlongs is where you want to be, isn't it? If you want to go down in history and create new force, yeah, he cemented what has been a brilliant summer for Charlie appleby. And what are you doing? And full creditor William, who has developed in the last two years into an absolutely top class world class jockey now. He's been a very good jockey for a long time. And what a decade ago, John goldston recognized that his essentials had this job with good dolphin there for several years. And he has helped take them to another level. I think William not only is a very fine jockey, but again, like a shame, a tremendous communicator. He conducts himself beautifully. And he's thought for his bright he is extremely dedicated as well. I first met William when he was about 12 years old with his dad born so it was a good trader and shocking himself in Scandinavia in the past. But I think he conducts himself beautifully. And his interviews are always done in the start of somebody who has thought everything through beforehand. You're never imagined that William would say, oh, yeah, I haven't done my homework there. Or things didn't go according to plans. I didn't realize that that might happen. He knows. Before the race takes place, William knows everything that might take place. And he has been a tremendous asset to the dolphin. And creative force, what can I say about the horses that ran in that race, except that the 6 film or the group won 6 furlong division this year has been very exciting. You've never quite known what was going to happen. But they had been not in terms of abilities, but in terms of results rather like a typical 6 fell on Saturday after an handicap, haven't run these races ten times and you get ten different winners. It means it's been exciting to watch, but I think it's been hard to predict. But well done to create it for you. Along with half a dozen other horses, this year has proven themselves to be a top class. 6 films. The trouble is we don't know who the best one actually was. Well, they keep eating one another. This is the problem. We can weak out whether it's they come to Ireland to compete or it's a big group one in the UK. They just keep beating one another. And that's not a good sign. Now, it may very well be that with a winter on his back. The fact that creative force is a royal ascot winner and as a run so well in other group ones that with a winter on these back that he will just strengthen up and they'll be more of him, although I think he's quite a small little thing. Willing to be corrected on that wouldn't be the first time it would be corrected. I suspect he'll head to maidan. They have a new 7 for a long race over there, but there's also that option for Al sahal. Say we're confidence. You'll just about get away with it. Whatever they decide to do with them..

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