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All right you ask for it you've got it a week from tomorrow seven pm right here in north hollywood at ha ha i'm undoing an event call sunday school with monuc by the way pled scrutiny sox are optional but it's going to be it's going to be great it's going to be so much fun so please please please noted in your calendar of tell your friends sunday school with monique we're gonna post the flyers soon as we can but i'll put it on my social media at least please please please this is what you've been asking for i finally made it happen i'm the host them the headliner i'm the person you're going to hang out with at the ha easy to remember right haha as online 'cercheremo i mean you could you couldn't really walk to it from here unless you're walker but it's close as north hollywood pretty central pretty easy to get too all right and what do we like to talk about when we're talking about humor for jobs okay a transavia airlines flight and never heard of transit via but there's so many airlines transavia airlines flight makes emergency landing overpasses after passengers farting sparks a fight now i'm gonna tell you right now if i got into a fight every time somebody either forwarded had a dirty diaper a therapy pat that was a little out of control a body odour oh i can remember specifically a flight when i used to do you s o tours okay this is for real this thinking about it makes me laugh there was a man on an i'll seat on a flight on air korea when i was flying to do a you.

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