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Now comes back out front caches yours every ball that one is not good rebadge jackson goes to the basket shots up nobody's found well you went right genes mcgee was going to pick up their fire back to that's the first powers have 1941 left in the game michigan state forty two and southern utah has thirty and that jackson so far this game jackson is two out of three and four ministers last free throw attempts to i know he's thinking about it did a nice job they're not going to do so he's got seven one more common freshman firestone in both i mean he's one of the best pure shoes for bake i have seen in a long time we'll question about slushie four freshman them from michigan state good start here in the second half fourteen boy lee them as she 44 and seven utah as thirty three when the ball colleague now my carer gums halloway for three all my goodness a third one he has he has three for five now fitness game only a thirty six percent three shooter is gone nine yeah his 74 gaining so we pay the ban amid in here in the second half miles bridges has law passed download word poor pass but it's recovering in the backcourt by jackson skipped past winston you going to shoot it i don't think so they're trying to serve jackson down low and it's jackson went down the lane he took somebody down i think it was man looks like it was callaway and the either way it's still an offensive foul on jackson that's his first first fabulous africans michigan state so it stays ms you forty four southern utah thirty three eight turnover now for the spartans eighteen fifty left in the game cohe out for our big guided by cash lankford in dribbling around gin their milk you look like he's at the elbow will not shoot not a bear in the wing callaway jack black now at ten seconds four southern utah joe ramsey shot sir holy as it and in the way it goes to barron for a long three off the rim no but the rebound as gaba by callaway saves in the back backcourt to cohesion and barrel another three for the thunderbirds no good rebound gerry jackson islacom's now two winston two bridges goes down the.

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