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DJ Kyle Sandilands. Oh, how should I have known? How can I have known? She's an internet sensation. Okay. He's the DJ Heil Sandilands. Okay. Here's another headline from from just area junior. Jordan Jones and dia beat the heat at lucky brands Coachella party is Jordan Jones, a dancer singer actress youtuber and musically star born in Kalamazoo Michigan on March thirteenth two thousand is she in Olympia and YouTube or and tip tock star born in Boise, Idaho on April, ninth two thousand orangey, see a dancer singer actress and twitch star born in Kansas City, Missouri on June fifteenth two thousand I hate I hate all of that. She's one of the two thousands persons there. Also. That's all year two thousand there all two thousand but as she from Kalamazoo is she from Boise is she a musically star. She had tick tock star. She had tweeted shot from Kalamazoo. She from Boise. She's from Kalamazoo. Yeah. Okay. Right. She's a dancer singer actress youtuber musically star born in count from Kalamazoo connects Jeanette Jeannette tickly blessed gene, ethically, look genetically, but she's wearing jeans genetically blessed Rebecca Judd flaunts endless legs in scanty, denim play suit as she and. As she in UK. Just like endless legs. You've said endless likes twice today. Flaunts endless leg endless Endless loop. Leonti denim place. Scanty denim place. It's like jeans, whatever as she and fellow friends Nandi Bartell and Jesse Murphy hit day to of Coachella music festival is Rebecca Judd, a South African model television presenters and scientists and the wife of former cricket player Quinton decor is you'd be a British model television presenter nurse and the wife of former pm, Tony Blair or she see an Australian bottle television, presenter and speech pathologist and the wife of the former Australian Football League player, Chris Judd. Speech pathologists. Speech any. Okay. Then moving on. Here's one this one where Chris Judd, wait the guy that was married to Jennifer Lopez. No, he's an Australian Football League player also named Chris Judd. Oh, hopeless as export husbands. It was Chris Chris Judd is a pretty standard name. Okay. This one is not a headline. This one isn't actually an Instagram caption them in a read you, oh, this is a guy named James Maslo. And it says so happy to have my source naturals vitamins with me here at Coachella to support my immune system, and he dancing all weekend. No joke. This wellness formula is one of my secrets staying healthy. Give it a try. Hashtag health..

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