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Thank you you don't know the internet knows um i'm sure if we google it all your symptoms right now the air that would fly out on thrones style so we we went saw last year i overnight and then i was like and then after wasim's like i'm not feeling well randomly bruce uh persson autumn around the theater and i also walking away and i was like try not to be ruben i'm like i'm gonna urgent care like they'll get 'cause i told jess the next time my stomach does this just let's just go to urge and care so that way they can look at it and figure it out for us they didn't know what it was there just like yeah just drink pruned juicy now get a movement like banks fifty puk sergey surprise me yeah lyall's of stuff down there though no i know and will then and then yeah friday we did the months of redid as the medical term well friday with his sermons already i don't know me on the euromed shifts in your body it's a lotta thing those are all different colors those the we had a flight at eight am to good austin i didn't fall asleep into like six am and versus just lights don't got austin on my i don't think i can physically think i could get on a plan i'll probably just be an utter pain all time um but they they did the thing where the inject to me with die and then they put me through like a toshiba magical x ray thing and uh nothing they still don't know what it is they're like your claim everything's fine like you're healthy your 100 percent healthy maybe this is your mutant power manifesting i was hoping that but then it's it's like oh you're die yeah powers of your belly distance and you can't eat there was on meetings that got johar's it actually hurt them and killed him well it's like all the all the meeting set up to chill it in the in the sewer the more walks or would react though there was willing meeting that he had a power that uh the slowly.

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