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Five oh eight prevent the spread of viruses with Michael and sons germicidal UV C. go to Michael and son dot com traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks I we traffic mostly in good shape the later than usual volume in your favor with that one exception to talk about its brief on sixty six eastern Virginia sixty six eastbound near Washington Boulevard to foster to westerly ten is the ongoing work soon again this weekend we see in camera were only one lane to the left is able to get by does cause a brief delay you're ninety five infinity five quarter travel moving well north down south on EZ pass things falling north down they'll be in good shape on lawyers road Fairfax county the shutdown was between hunter mill road in hunter station road that's because the wires came down earlier on the mailing billing no issues to talk about for you the ninety five alter washer parkway corridors between the two beltways moving well north down south down fifty merrily good between the bay bridge in the beltway to seventy quite a last report over in and around the county for fifty between St Stephen's church road and hunt would drive the highest in the water as they shut down a place of today's rains in prince George's county Martin Luther king junior Avenue route seven oh for highway rather as seven a for Adam Sherriff road the crash involved a rollover and at last report you were basically wrapped up you should be able to get by both ways in DC they tell us they've left the scene of the earlier rack in between Stanton park in Lincoln Park there are messages Avenue you're a thing with east struggling with setting up telework for your employees there are incentives and technical assistance available for Travis county employers visit Fairfax county dot gov and search employer services I'm joking with the traffic showers linger overnight but they should taper off just around daybreak tomorrow high temperatures for your Monday will be in the upper fifties to around sixty another cool day on tap we should see a bit more sunshine tomorrow though it will be breezy for your Monday when finally growing call Monday night Tuesday high temperatures.

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