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Listen, I'm trapped in a hotel room with nothing to do like puppies completely fine. I mean, what goes on? Yeah. Yeah, that will the place to be pervy. Hey, mile mighties not very. Funny thing. Here's the funny thing. We're actually staying at the same hotel right now, but I'm such an unprofessional podcast that I forgot my podcasting equipment in such today. I'm calling. I'm calling it as well. So we're, we're both calling guests on the phone, but we probably could be sitting in the room on a with headphones on a nice conversation, but no screwed it up. So I find that very strikes. I'm sure in my hotel checking in, but while. Okay. I'd be less for one. He just. Yeah, yeah, I screwed it up, but. Okay. We're here now, look at it. Look at us. Look at us technology here also also wanna throw too many spoiler alert here, but you did for the the edge Christian show for this upcoming season. So we doing that hope you have fun doing little little deal there. As I said, I appreciate any opportunity to be a complete psychopath on camera. 'cause on camera now I'm the most serious human being. I've ever been in life that's off camera on camera. I have no idea what I'm doing and all I all I know is how to throat my own facing cake. That's all I know. Yeah. Any an updated stuff. Was that a more happy now? Okay. So we, we've firmly established that you're, you're like us, you're a moron. So how how is it to to transition and triumph play like this kind of thirty figure on a on a show, how how much of a departure is that for you to to have to try and pull off. It's it's, it's it's a big departure because if anybody knows me, I'm just a walking rib and I just want everybody to have fun and small and like I'm when it comes to the job on completely like what it's what it's time. I'm one hundred percent serious all in our love this business. This is everything I've ever wanted to do so when it comes to write business time on all in. But like when you know like when it comes to the rest of the day where some people will sit around and you know, at the head in the hands like, oh, we'll get this. Well, you know, I get some something. I'll just want pounds it. Everybody, everybody's, everybody's got along die. At least we can do actual Smalls you know. So it's a just drawing, you know, we want to do, and that includes onscreen with the audience. That's all I was used to do in because are just a love, the unloved Bobby heynen coming down the rest of mining on backwards on camel. That was that was the the best. And just just like, you know, just the way the organs was like, okay, that guys immediate. But anybody did anything to Bobbi on. Know the audience would be like, hey, that's already you live in hell alone. You know, it was just just, I just, I just enjoy entertaining play pool in my small. If that's the expensive myself, or you know, you know, making them small volley this little guy succeeding old about afford, but the the role, the role now I've had to one me back in the little 'cause I'm like competitively entertaining, but they're like, oh, not yet. Not yet. So I'm gonna fishing, rod. Not yet. They wanted to me a little. It's it's. It's been very interesting and it's also along its well are no, it's my good. It's it it. It's a fun experience. And again, it's another job to love just, you know, the MO, the more strings. Giovanni, vice I the longer career..

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