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Had a huge huge huge win over the weekend. You may have missed it. That's why we're talking about it. We've been clamoring to get rid of the establishment. Right. Get rid of the tentacles. This looks like it's a start. She is now the big boss of the Arizona Republican party and Kelly joins us now Kelly good morning, and congratulations. Garrett. Thank you so much. Hey, you know, I announced this potential you. Remember, you your fat a rumor out, then I got down from the show that I was actually going to Iran for the chairman of the Republican party of Arizona and and on Saturday it came to fruition. And I was able to be successful and become the only the second chairwoman of the GOP. So it's pretty it was pretty great weekend altogether. My birthday was on Friday. Happy birthday. I got to celebrate with my Republican family on on Saturday habit. Those same family ups and downs that everybody has. And you know, I I'm grateful to you know, to chairman lines, and and the administration has been in place for the shape financially that they left the party in the shape legally that they left the party in some things are looking great for us to be able to have big wins in twenty twenty. And thank you for that. I want to say anything because I don't wanna make it about me. But I just thought you'd be a great choice. And then I threw it out there. And then you came on the show and said, I actually am going to run. So I'm glad at all. I'm glad it all worked out that way. That was it was great it. And I think that that there were there were some shocked faces in the room because it was a it was a very energetic lively meeting on Saturday, not so much. What people people everyone got this have their say, everyone was listening to everyone conformed within the the time limits. So that part was very respectful, but you know, some things turned from how we thought we were going to do it to how it actually occurred. And you know, it really think it was pretty good in terms of people coming together as districts and counties to be able to discuss the issues and discussed the chairman race in particular. And now, I know we've got you know, we've got a lot of work to do. So this is going to be the biggest battle that. We've we've seen. I think. That these these next two years are the most important for our great state of Arizona because are we going to make your Zona Rattigan? Or are we gonna continue down this purple path towards terrible balloonists, I'm not going to allow to happen under my on my walk. Well, and that's what I wanna talk to you about this is Dr Kelli ward, the new head the new chairman of the Arizona Republican party. She's on AM seven ninety what exactly with that position with that title? What can you do what can you influence? What can you make I guess policy here in the state of Arizona? Right. Well, I mean, I have four basically four four priorities that are transformational for the party and first and foremost is activation of the graph roots. We we have the ability to recruit more precinct committee men. And so if anybody out there that is listening, and they've been active, and they call in if they post on Facebook, don't just do those things you're doing those things but become a precinct committee men are Republican precinct. Committee men, especially down in Pima county. But Democrats are activated thing have recruited a lot of PC's. They have more than twice the number that we do right now. But there is huge potential in Pima county for four the precinct committeeman level and the party activity. We've got to make sure that those people are trained on on and have the resources to get out and move Republican voters. So that and that has to be done this year Garrick, we we really have to focus on that building phase this year. So that next year in twenty twenty we've already got an unbeatable army in place that is going to expand beyond the parts pencil out into the communities want lower taxes, and they want border security and they want free market health care. They want access to the doctors that they want. They want their taxes to be low. They want that money not to go into the government coffers. But back in. Into their own pockets for their rainy days. Those kinds of things we need to get out educate the community. So first and foremost, the grassroots are extremely extremely important. And I think a lot of people believe that was my election. The party is back in the hands of the people. There was you know, there's been a lot of centralization of power within the Republican apparatus. And so now it's returning where it belongs outmuscled with the people. So that we can get the job done. The next thing is election integrity. We know that there is valid harvesting that has had gone on for four decades that these emergency voting centres that were set up in in Maricopa County are unconscionable. And we've got her charity integrity of our electoral process. The independent redistricting commission is coming up people on the ground need to know, how to testify before that commission. So that we maintain our strongholds, and we as Republicans expand into areas where we alive. So that is also imperative and then, of course, there's fundraising mess number four it it's not the last. It's it's certainly very important regarding able to do these jobs to be able to provide the resources to be able to get the word out that Republican policies and people who are representing those policies are the way to go get voting blocks. Kelli ward is you're listening to on campus AM seven ninety so one thing. And and I think you kinda touched on it with the grassroots spot. I know that for me for listeners out there. They I guess there's nothing you can directly do. But are we going to basically, see less and less and less of the McCain affect the flake affect those kinds of people that had the same beliefs of them in the Arizona Republican party. Are they going to jump ship? Can you get rid of them there in the offices? What can you do to make sure that we don't have any more of that globalist mentality? Yeah. You know? I think that it's very important as the party to. Be recruiting candidates that represent the will of the people. And so we'll be working with every area. I I wanna see a candidate fielded in every single legislative district in in our in our entire state. We haven't done that as Republicans, and we have to make sure that those candidates are well prepared to be able to communicate a message of low taxes, personal responsibility following the constitution and smaller government as a whole. So we we will be working hard to make sure that that happened. You know, this is this is a bright new day for the people of Arizona and the Republican politics in Arizona because because the people are regaining that power, and they will have a voice, and they will have a respected. They will be respected when they speak. They'll have a listening ear that we can put all of that Republican talent that's out there to work to win twenty twenty. President Trump, of course. Yes. For for the Senate and all the way down valley we concentrate on one or two races. We've got so many races to win. And and I look forward to putting that machine in action when it counts on on during the election process in twenty twenty. I'm sure you heard of that internal memo that was written by Robert Maxwell, deputy communications director is Jerry Maguire memo where he's like, I quit. I can't stand it. I'm done and he talked about under Jonathan lines. And I know he's taking the high road here. And I commend you for that. Because they didn't take the rode with you. But Jonathan lines under his leadership. Basically was the GOP was basically the Doug Ducey campaign. They stiffed other candidates. They didn't help them as much. The fact that the officers were basically empty people were manipulating taking three four five six week vacations while getting paid. I mean, it just seemed like it was a giant mess. What's your what's your take on that memo? Well, as a mom, I asked to clean it up methods. I don't know. Because really I took her me dabble on Saturday. I went to the office on Saturday night to try to take take take a survey basically of the actual headquarters office in Phoenix. And so I know that there are some definite shortcomings and shortfalls that that the party had. It's one of the reasons I wanted to run it become the chairman because despite having more money more paid staffers on the ground a pretty big Republican turnout. We still lost in twenty eight teams. So something didn't translate into into a win. I think that having those people on the ground is very important having money are, of course is essential. But making sure that that message reaches the grassroots and and that people have trust. And and that there's transparency but things are being run with integrity. I think that that's very very important to the people on the ground. There's been some kind of things that happened behind the scenes that we don't we don't know about. And I wanna make sure that our party understands that people run the party, the somebody doesn't you think behind the scenes that are onto. Work. So I don't know everything that's happened in the past. I just know that as we move forward. Things will be different. We will have strong organization. We will have a amazing communication with the public. And with the people inside the party, and we will unify this party. We will bring people here the table. All people conservatives are are definitely welcome in the party. And and we'll utilize that because together we are definitely stronger. And that's how we're going to deliver the eleven electoral votes for Donald Trump and how we're gonna win every every Republican feet possible down. Ballot. Kelli ward is on Canada's AM seven ninety two sounds more stimulating talk. She is the new head of the Arizona Republican party. She's the chairman she went over the weekend big big giant victory. Now, what are the things that that I had a problem with and I know you did too is that the under the old leadership? Lines would not allow a debate between you and Martha and Joe Arpaio. Now that you're in charge. If there's somebody that wants to challenge Martha for twenty twenty or anybody would you allow a Republican primaries are Republican voters and Arizona voters can see what these people are about. You. Are you are you gonna play? I mean, I don't think you're gonna play games the way the way they did. And they they would not let you have a debate with Martha. Right. I certainly will do everything in my power to make sure that we have today because I think that is very important that the Republican electorate CD options before them and and be able to make an informed decision. Not one that simply based on attack ads on the television, which which many people and on radio too. By on on reality on records. And I think that it is extremely important for that to happen. We as Republicans don't anoint. Our our our candidates that that has never been the case, we are free thinkers, we are individualistic and we like to make our own decisions. And I think that that debate process is very very important to have. So that that people can see they want to actually be their voice at whatever level of government. Because in this great Representative Republic that we have people that we elect our voices, and we need to we need to feel confident that they they will be listening to us and that they will be. On on message that that about things that we want to accomplish Kelly one one thing that always got me when it came to debates, and I think Martha was set up, and obviously lines and the and the party let it happen when it comes to debates. It always seems like there's nothing but leftists leftists journalists get to ask the questions. Since you're running the party. What would you demand that it be fair? So Republicans don't get Trounson debates. Yes. I mean, I debate could be set up completely by the Republican party having Republican monitor moderators acting Republican question in a. Not the Gotcha style that we see even on Fox News. But on FOX get in on on all of the major networks that have done debates in the past for some reason, we have the party say, oh, yeah. That's fine. Happy people who attack us every day in the newspaper on on television and on the radio, and let's let them come and ask us got your question. No, I I don't want. Gotcha question. I want real questions on policy that will inform the Republican electorate about how someone will vote whenever they are in Washington DC in Phoenix. So you'll demand. I mean, I remember the the only debate between Martha and Kirstin cinema was on PBS. And it was just right out of the gate. He was just going after Martha and just no no hard questions about Kirsten's past or anything like that. It was ridiculous. So you do everything to make sure didn't happen. Yeah. Those are the things that we as a party to protect our candidates from. We don't need to protect our candidates from Republican voters, we need to protect our candidates from unfair unfounded ridiculous at times, I attack by so called journalists who are out there not to inform the public, but to promote an agenda. That's the job of the party. Yes. Protect the candidates from that. But to allow our electorate to have all the information that they need to make the right choice. Finally. And this is Kelly ward on Canada's team seven ninety the new chairman of the Republican party the shutdown. Trump ended it for three weeks. People are rich hearing into Trump saying that the media is of course, because they let you love to do that that he lost..

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