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Hi. This is Padma Lakshmi and Joffrey. You're listening to radio. Jerry bomb your the bomb. Hi bomb squad. You're listening to radio cherry bomb into I'm your host carry diamond each week. We talked to the most inspiring women in and around the world of food. Let's thank our sponsor handsome, brook farm, pasteurized organic eggs, handsome brook farm secret to making rich flavorful eggs is simple, the most possible space, the best possible feed and lots of love. It's a healthy and humane recipe that makes her omelets, cakes Custer's and everything in between taste better. Get cracking handsome brook farm dot com before we get to today's guest. I want to remind you about our summer sustainability project. It's called cone only. If you go to an ice cream shop stand or truck this summer skip the Cup and skip the spoon. Get a cone. So it's zero waste treat. If you're out there saying, ugh, Kerry, I'm a Cup girl. I hear you. I used to be strictly Cup mostly because a lot of cones tastes like cardboard, but there's so many good coach. These days like the big chocolate ones at my fav- rococo ice cream in Kennebunkport, Maine milkmaid right here in Brooklyn has awesome cones. You can find Taki inspired cones in New York City's Chinatown. You have so many options, make sure to use the hashtag cone only. So we can see what you and the bomb squad are up to is cream wise. Thanks to our cone only partners, the New York City and Long Island chapters of surfrider if the restaurant world was a baseball league. And I had to pick the rookie of the year. My money would be on Kia damone, this young chef is mindful stylish end laris, and she cooks like a dream at her restaurant, LA Lido, in Chinatown in Manhattan, if any of you are old school, New Yorkers, you'll know the location because it used to house Winnie's the famous karaoke bar. I had lunch at LA leader recently and was so blown away by the food. I had the chick pea guac the rainbow rice bowl, the crispy sweet potatoes, and more. If I lived closer, I would eat there, every day key is food. As fresh and bright, just like she is, if you are do believe, hopefully, you got to meet Kia and try her food. She was one of the featured chefs during our breakfast before we get to Kia..

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