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I've got a question for you. Maybe the top parenting experts in the world in our listening audience, certainly the most opinionated appearance. Here's the deal Wall Street Journal. We'll get into this a little more. I don't know maybe maybe next week. But last Friday, they take a look at generation Z. Those are those people who are born from nineteen Ninety-seven till I don't know maybe present that's generation Z, and among other things an increasing number of them prefer to communicate by text as opposed to one on one in person. But there are some employers who are suggesting, you know, what they don't have the personal skills. Now, that's kind of a that is going to be a problem. Depending on what kind of business they're in. They love financial security. They want to work hard. But at ruby Tuesday's. The general manager there. Mr. Blanchette can't find enough young adult workers to wait tables and wash dishes. Well, number one because Uber lift siphoned them off with worker driven scheduling, it's swipe one way on their phone, and they're working in a swipe the other way, and they're not also he says that they have trouble communicating with others because they are so involved with their phones, I've kind of suspected this. And there's another story in this morning's paper that says the same thing for teens. Facetime lose out two screens more than two-thirds of teens say they would rather communicate with their friends online than in person that according to a new study that comes as.

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