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More aromatic more than flavoring. Okay have you. When you go to the humber this is where you get a feeling of the magnificence of the. Moore's this was like this must have been the the is the saint peter's there sigh of the morrish world is alhambra. What does it tell us about the palace. Paint a picture and take us through it to granada. He's done in the valley and the alhambra palace is up in the hill as muslim rules. Dictate the the beauties on the inside so outside the alhambra. It's interesting and you see contrast in buildings and materials but it's inside when it blooms when you're ready to see that it's mind blowing. You have different sections the fava which is the old fortress. he have the italy's which is the gardens. And you have the main palace called enough thirty palos and you just walk through one room. One called year one fund and after the older and he's only a glimpse of the magnificence of the old days. If you have some information or a guide they can explain to. This was the throne room right now. You just see the the shell of this throne room but if you can put in the pillows and the music and the aromas and the room in the salt in there or whatever then you get a feel of that you don't challenge So you look at the courtyard of the lions. But how do you see and then and then what was it. The courtyard of the lions. I could say sp cosmic balance it so proportion than so peaceful in their old covert in white marble and what. I found him in the middle and in this hot ever world you have open courtyards within. That's the focus. Socially and a lot of cases six or eight lions something like that different directions and they were all a fountain at one time No they're still fountain actually. It was restored reasonably so nice going back to the beauty and hat. Let me just say behind the l. Hambro we have the highest mountain in the peninsula and the mountain means is known. There's no means water and the alhambra. The diamond the shaping that water. This is travel through exterior. We're talking about granada. We're talking about the moore's we're talking about the great palace the hambro we're joined by harvey minority in rome or hey tell us more when you take a group through the al hamra. What is the highlight for the visitors. Very first thing that you see to get into ambre is panic was billed afterwards when you know. The catholic monarch was the first emperor. So it's going backwards. Instead of chronological is eager impressing chelsea. I trust the of stain v from germany. So it's johnson had two titles. Yeah because that is renaissance death on top of pal and it is beautiful. It's it's around. Wonderful Mathematically correct never used he build it and never came back. That's right that was it. That's odd you get the renaissance masterpiece of which is definitely worth checking out ended. Has a museum there for the artifacts that remained from the own number. But then when you get into this new one to see the quintessence of morrish architecture and you'll go back in time against feel. I'm getting right now. Goosebumps you just go back in time instead this the grand hall of ambassadors and look at the ceiling. What are you gonna see. Oh these handcraft handmade things over there is different titles ceilings in my resembled you like a bolt upside down in other places and then all those descriptions from the koran all over the place is because in the in the muslim faith. You don't have images so you don't have. You don't have a statue a prophet you have a calligraphy version of his name in print and you said that correctly this calligraphy. Although there koren's sentences depends on the calligraphy you can tell where they're from and happens all over the arab lord so all over it is decorated with little phrases fancy writing in arabic calligraphy and that is the art to have the day because you couldn't have images this is travel with. rick steves. Talking with hubby are minority and Aroma in we're talking about the humber. We're talking about granada returning to civilization. Or hey i love standing in the other side of the town across the valley had viewpoint. What is it called. Saint nicholas viewpoint is a nick. Lachey point you also some of the points that is out of the race. The interest but on the opposite side of in the l. be seen the labyrinth by samuel neighborhood. You look over you see the mountains of the sierra nevada that Have you ever talking about you. See the sun setting making the stones of the humbert changes every every other lovers are out. You're standing there in your drink looking at this beautiful setting you hear the music play music musing. Tell the tell us about the music are you will always find some deep seas play music asking for going after that and the gypsy music there under the door of the send. Nick is a lotta light years. Good give him a couple of euros in your. It's a concert with amazing setting but what you said. Gypsies in america gypsy is is like not politically correct. They want to roma. But what is the situation new. Do gypsies call themselves gypsies or he diagnosed it is the word that they will use among themselves and so there's no disrespect. No let's finish just with with one moment that you enjoy as a tour guide when you bring your groups through granada. What is the favorite moment that you look forward to and that resonates with your american visitors of your dinner. In the album seen in front of the alhambra and people do not expect this and carmen. In one of those in one of those cattleman is the the the houses across the country luncheon now engulfed in the city where you have an outdoor dinner with view of the humber. You're describing this and destig- her. Hey my favorite moment is following. We'll have your said because if you do that first and then the ambre you have view from the lumber for where you were before you see. That's where i had dinner. And i've made a memory of for the rest of.

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