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Self player includes being time management. You know when you're when you when you focus on Making sure that your schedule is set. And you have your priorities lined out. Then that makes your day much less stressful so their components of self care that i think really get widely missed as we focus on things like you know bath salts or whatever it i right or your beard on time management. That's for sure. Gosh kim meeting this morning it was like you know. I just think working from home can be for me. It's been very difficult to make that transition. I'm someone that liked going into the studio like enormously. And i know you feel that way to junior. You are in studio art studios. I'm here in my home studio. And so that has been a huge change for me in the last year and it is. It is very difficult as you say. Stephanie to transition from one to the other you know i just finished scooping cat litter and vacuuming railroad crazy. And they're like. Oh my gosh. I come up and do the show you know and so to get myself in a different mindset. It's like it's very difficult at times. Yeah it's incredibly difficult. And i think that's one of the things that people just don't i mean they're not conscious of it. You know that then then it becomes. You're never done with your work whereas if you go into an office or you go into a workspace there's defined parameters around you because the physicality of being in that location but when learn all melds together it sort of build like the to do list never ends right because you moved seamlessly through your work tasks to your personal past to carrying for people children pets or whatever it is and that That really kinda makes it all just a real messy ball of of things that you have to get done you know. Yeah well and positivity is part of self self care too isn't it. Yeah it really ears and and sometimes they'll can feel daunting and unattainable because because it feels like another to do list. You know i mean like i said. It's one of those buzzwords whereas like well you gotta take care of yourself and so it sort of feels. Well i have to take care of myself and there's one more thing i need to do. So but that's not. The intent is not to create another thing on your to do list or another thing for you to beat yourself up about. So that's why it's important to take the word should out of The conversation and that to me. That's good advice with just anything that you're doing is taking. The words should out of your conversation because it just makes you feel it. Can it can just lead to negative feelings about whatever it is that you're dealing with but it doesn't you know you don't wanna you don't want self care to originate from judgment or be reacted to judgment. You want it to be a way for you to stay connected with what yourself and what your priorities are. And so that goes a little bit back into time management and just taking time even five or ten minutes in the morning to really outline the important things that you want to get done that day. What are your priorities. What are your rock that you're gonna put in your jar and and that is hugely important when it comes to self care but because it helps you identify those priorities and what's gonna make you feel successful at the end of the day. No i love it You know last night. Late last night Rereading the book your body's many cries for water by dr batman's gotham haldi. He's an incredible scientist but drinking a lot of water is so critical to our over. How overall health so many people forget it because that's one of those self care things like taking care of yourself to the level where you're hog nascent of of of how much water you're drinking every day because it is absolutely critical and a huge connection of dehydration is connected to chronic diseases. Yeah yeah totally. And it's funny. I just had a conversation with my kids this morning when we were sitting. Nearly one of my kids said is it important to drink water. And we're like yes. Your body is made of water. You know you know. But they don't think about it as much and i thought to myself. Well i haven't been specifically Telling them to drink water. I put water in front of them. But i personally have a big jug. This is how i get my water. And i have a big judge that helped me like how much water. I'm supposed to be up by eleven. Am where i'm supposed to be out by one. And yup i three. And that is the only way i get all my water in because otherwise i'm running around and i have no concept of how much water i've taken and so i. I love that you mentioned that. Cause that's been a big goal of mine. The past couple of months is to focus on water because it is. It's the life of the body. it's critical. I can't even tell you how connected to even high blood pressure. I was like. Oh gosh because my blood pressure fluctuates some days. It's bad some days. It's good and i and i'm really been trying to figure out like you said self care like really examining my life. Where where do. I need more care. What do i need to be more cognizant of and waters at the top of that list and that is connected to high blood pressure. who would known. Did you know that. I never knew that. Uh yeah. I'm not sure that i knew that. Specifically i mean it's it's just gosh know is one of those most important and he's like the left if it helps you just your body to just fire on all cylinders you know. You don't have that critical component. you're just thick. Yeah facilitates every process in the human body. But you know we're going to go to a quick break. And so. But i want to remind everyone of our awesome social media giveaway today. 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