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Segment maybe I guess no. I think one of my pet peeves is that I don't like when things have to be like quote unquote fair like in terms of you know like everyone has to work the same amount of hours or everyone has to be. I just remember like I remember being calling and I was doing the same job As my roommate and it was like okay. We both got paid whatever some shit and I was able to do that particular job lot faster so it was like a you know a quantitative job. It was finding something online and filling in a spreadsheet so that something like in terms of I have in my ears also been an employee and in terms of being an employee like just the thing of like we'll everyone like has to be here for forty hours so you do too and what that sort of stuff. That's a pet peeve for me that's kind of one of the main driving reasons for me to become an entrepreneur. Have my own. Business was because like in the real world that's total bullshit and like if you are more efficient and you're smarter and you can do something better than someone than you do. Get rewarded for that. So yeah I guess. That's a pet peeve of mine of like everyone gets the same yeah I totally get that L. about quirks so aside from knowing more about the candy world than Willie Wonka. What would you say is something that maybe your husband or your kids are? Somebody calls you out on. That's a little bit quirky that your personality I mean. I don't know if it's a quirk. I'm very frugal. But don't know that that's very entertaining. Quirk was positive trade. Name literally like I'm taking my kids like I'm trying to teach about money and like they're only going to the dollar store to buy their toys. Who can't afford to buy real toys? It's a magical place no mean my heart. Yeah I mean my husband will tell you that I guess it goes along with my goal. Is that when I'm leaving the room that he's still in?.

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