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I'm John Ryder on the NFL Wild cords. Scoreboard Tampa Bay within 18 10 lead on Washington With five minutes to go in the third quarter, Tom Brady, a pair of touchdown passes. Actually with Antonio Brown and Chris Godwin's Rams and their vaunted defense getting it done earlier on in Seattle, motion Metcalf to the left side away from Ramsey again, throw the bubble a text. It picked various Williams jumped in, and he's gonna help shit. Six defensive touchdown and the Rands extend their lead. Call on ESPN l a 7 10 areas. So Williams dead pick six of Russell Wilson, who was sacked five times as well. Erin Donald had a pair of those in the Rams. 30 to 20 win over the CIA is Donald did leave the game in the second half with injured ribs. Hills beat the coast 27 24 bills for his playoff win since 1995 Josh Allen two touchdown passes another rushing in the NBA. Early, working the mellow ball youngest ever with a triple double in NBA history. The 19 year old Those birds career triple double included. 12 rebounds in the Hornets won 15 105 win over the Hawks Nuggets beat the 70 Sixers won 15 to 103 Billy was playing with just seven healthy players rest out for covert protocol. In progress Right now, these Spurs and Timberwolves tad at 1, 13 and overtime, Minnesota's last six in a row. Karl Anthony towns playing after missing six games with an injured wrist towns, has 23 points, 11 rebounds. Coming up Monday. It's super wild card weekend and Bruce Arian says it's Super Bowl or bust. So what happens to the Bucks are eliminated in their first playoff.

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