Five Days, Thirty Four Hundred Years Ago, Bible discussed on Walking the Shadowlands


Caught my attention about a decade ago and that was when pope benedict sixteenth the most conservative pope in my lifetime cold on the typical academy of sciences to convene a colloquium which is a symposium of scholars and theologians and their job was to discuss. They had five days of closed sessions to discuss and they made it public. What they were talking about a year lead into the soda will not going on discussing the theological implications of contact with other civilizations. My jaw dropped one head about that because thirty four hundred years ago the same institution was burning people at stake but suggesting that was intelligent on on the planet. So why the sudden flip relatively sudden flip and the spokespeople who came out to meet the press and do tv interviews to magazines all around the colloquium quite emphatic. That we need to be ready sooner than anyone anticipates that kept saying to embrace a brother or sister alien and there's one scholar in particular remember his name in just a moment. The reverend dr guy console magno who is director of the vatican observatory and he said look. We shouldn't use the language that we're part of a big cosmic family and we shouldn't be surprised to bump into them because they're in the bible. He said there in the old testament and the new testament when he said that i really could. I have missed that. I've been lecturing on the interpretation of the bible fifteen years could. I have missed something glaring as the bible. I took it as a bit of a challenge. I felt it ready laid down the gauntlet interested in the bible to go back and ask the question of. I miss something that other kinds of intimacy roaming around in the text that we've not really acknowledged because in nokes christianity we think concerns of god the devil angels demons humans animal lead full mineral and nothing else He was saying no no that other kinds of entity monsignor crowd about duty the sena officer for the paranormal and around the catholic church and their lead x. Assist said when people recall close encounters than not describing a demonic encounter and it's not a psychological episode there reporting a totally different kind of entity. One the Serious study again saying they were throwing down a gauntlet. Look into this. So when i finally had the time. I thought i would do that.

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