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Michael Bar today, we're speaking with someone he transcends sports, entertainment culture, all of it. We're talking about Ice Cube, of course, among many things, the founder of the Big Three it kicks off this weekend. Here in Las Vegas, which is where I am Cube. Really, Really good to have you with us. So is the massive weekend sports are back. Tell us about what we're going to see if the big three I missed some great, um, Fireball three action, you know, guys going at it. Playing three on three at the highest level. We got some great Names, you know, like Joe Johnson and Al Jefferson and, uh Swaggy, P Cuttino Mobley, Josh Smith, Jared Jack, Nate Robinson. So you know you're going to see these guys who we've seen on NBA courts throughout the years, you'll be able to see them now on Big three basketball court. Going at it, man, half court ferocious, professional and fine. I want to go back to the whole thing when this whole thing started. What gave you this idea? Just going up 11 3 on three. Um and I didn't think about it much. Until I start seeing these tournaments that they would put on for the weekend Warriors. Uh Take a couple of different companies had three on three tournaments, and I was like, you know, why are they doing this in the parking lot like Why isn't it their professional three on three meat? That you know that kinda laid there for for years in my mind and Then I saw Kobe players last games like 60 points. And wait. What hit me was there's nowhere else to see him play. You know, even if I had money, I couldn't You know? Hate to see him perform at the highest level against his peers. So, um That's what really started. Uh, the idea of You know what if there was a professional play on three league and you had professional players come in the league and play that style of basketball, which is extremely famous all over the world. How was the recruitment process? What these guys are done with their NBA career. As I assume that it's not too too much arm twisting to get them to come and play for you. Not true. I mean, a lot of guys play overseas. You know, there's still just because the NBA told him that they didn't have enough room forum. These guys are and Every different country. You can name playing professionally, and so you know, you have to. Really, you know, persuade guys that you know this league is great, too. It's not full Court five and five, but it's It's uh, it's a brand of basketball that most people play actually more than five on five. So, um, guys come in, and they see how it ran and how we, uh Take care of our players, and they want to play again in America. They want to play in front today, Um, fans in front of their friends and family. A lot of guys have kids who are the real little when they played. In the N B. A. And now their kids can really understand, so they want to see them back in the Back in the game, so it was cool. As you know, we got guys who You know some guys? Uh Early thirties. Some guys, uh, you know, late twenties. And, uh and and find these cells playing in the Big three. And they love it. Cube how our players paid and under the salaries differentiate from each player. Does everyone get the same coin? What's great is everybody gets paid Things act, saying even the coach So all the players and the coach and we have Hall of Fame cultures. Um, which is great, but But everybody just paid. The same was great about our league. Um You give more if you win the game and you get less than to lose, so it's the greatest for guys to play hard. And You know, we are incentive driven league, so the more you win, the more you make, uh, even the bonus at the end. More you. You know if you're in first place you get first place money, the last place you get last place money. How do you draw in terms of a fan? So obviously last year was the WIPO with with Covid. What do you anticipate to see how many folks are in the seats at both of these venues? Well, before, um Covid. We were averaging 13,000 people. But who knows? You know, you never know. Um you know, we're just happy to see Thing is in the stands, Whoever want to come out Some some people are or are ready to to, you know, party like it's 1999, and some people are You know or are still, you know, a little skittish about gathering so We don't know what to expect this year. We just know we're gonna have great games on and, uh And if you can't make it in arena, check us out on CBS Trailer or fight T V Um and you know you're gonna love it. Whether you're there or whether you're at home, you know, it's great. And these guys, you know, look, you know more of our guys than the guys. You know, in the finals. You know what I'm saying? The NBA. You're right. We have more more household names than they do in the NBA Finals. So you're going to enjoy watching us on Saturday morning? Yeah, I'm hard pressed to imagine, you know, as you say, Commissioner cooler than Clyde, the Glide Drexler. I don't think any any other commissioner has a nickname quite like that. Or or certainly a playing lineage. I want to buy a fireball. The actual one used on the court. How can I get one of these balls here so I can go play some ball in my back, Eric? Fireballs are going to go himself soon. You know, you'll be able to go to, uh Big three dot com. Go to our store. And you'll be able to buy a fireball. We just working on some things on getting the supplies in, you know, everything is kind of backed up on the shipment. So Once we have a man will put them we'll put them on sale. Lindsey, I think you and I need to agree that once does go on sale, and Michael Bar buys one. We're going to call Cube and tell him we're going to produce a show of Michael bar playing basketball in his backyard as some additional content for for the league. You will be entertained. Yeah. All right. Stay tuned for more of our conversation with Big three founder Ice Cube. That's straight ahead on Bloomberg businesses. Sports. I'm Jason Kelly. Find me on Twitter at Jason Kelly News, and I'm Mike Lynch. You can follow me at lynching. WCVB Michael.

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