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The toil rocking virtuous the flagship podcast of the verge that's what we do ver dot net verge dot net i don't know if we've got the version that the verge crypto currency i'm just taking that but they don't have podcast they didn't ask us if they could use her name i'm not gonna ask them if we can use their that's how that works and vox media which is a media corporation that we're part of it's great they don't know that we're the flagship but we have been for some time anyway i'm neil lie policier hello dealers the code conference in california and that guarantee here high back with your code i'm not a code this is the first year i haven't gone in a long time which makes me sad because you're there like hanging out with all the billionaires wall mossberg is there he's retired used to run code now hendy guys just having a grand old time partying but i'm hearing grand old time yeah no every everybody there was was really really pleased with how the event went they they said there were there was no rabble rousing since you weren't there everyone felt better there was some protesting the union go out with hotel but there were there were no problems there it's it's been a fun interesting events evan spiegel was on stage sheryl sandberg and shrimp truffer what whatever see you whose name i was able to pronounce yesterday but i super can't do it right now present a whole slew of people cast of characters talk a lot about stuff just talking about stuff in tech all kinds of stuff cask you maybe maybe too broad question feel free to narrow this down okay what's what's the vibe because i feel like in the past i've looked at these conferences and like yeah there's like drama and different things happening but it's like we're talking to the important lexi yo type people who are slowly taking over the world but now.

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