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Jimmy helps it does a lot of work in the community helps those kids with the wrestling <hes> the week before his fight we the corner and people in Queens <hes> he's just a good dude man he does put people before himself and <hes>. I think that's really where Al Joe gets his strength through giving to others. I'm starting to come up with that. Because even I quote with <hes> <hes> who would say who don't Bellavia to say think Joe I think he's dead on to I think Benedetto's has been around and I think I'll just wants fair play and that's what I think that's why he said that well yeah and it's that uncommon except I put myself before other the people he puts other people before the only thing that's different about this is the reverse order. That's a big Joe and he fought such a good fight against Munoz. I think he was kind of stood out the city withstood close to him a little more than people expected them to do. You guys plan that like he's not who is almost like like aspirin didn't expect massive to run right into them so lasting wrestler expect did he expect do you think staying with them as much as he did or expect it to be going away. Wow no he he he definitely didn't expect Al Joe to stand with them and and again that really technically technically wasn't a game plan. I mean we did work a little bit on sitting in the pocket but he's his style is that moving in and out on his legs to suffer his hands and this time he switched the script a little bit and I really believe that you could tell tell me what you think it is. I just think by I remember after Ralph Ford Kevin Lee I mean he was so amped in the corner like made this is awesome and I think by being around him and the morale and guys of the gist beserk. Is You know going forward. I think it really upped. His game weighs like I'm doing this. He's he's a hundred percent as the talent sure and <hes> it's really just mindset it really is Jimmy they motivate each other and the the feed off each other's energy really is and they've been having fights a close together mihrab in Algiers Ford on the same night and if the camaraderie is really at an all time high. It's everything's writer I mean look in Jimmy. I don't know if it's rare but I mean these are three guys. That really wants each other. Do good man like it. It's it's really it's fucking great as a coach I love it because it's more than just fighting you know these guys are grown as people and you know the rule doing great in their life which is like again more important than the fighting and right. I mean just to watch those guys together and I want to add. I WANNA I wanNA give a shoutout to this. Jimmy and I want you to watch it. It's it's a little bit. It reminds me of old Benny Hill bid. That's why I don't know how Joe got the heated the music to it it was Al Joe Morale Bob and Al Joe's girlfriend Rebecca and they do a little bit where stealing his cookies and Algebra does it to music. It's it's a little comedy that I I fucking love it. I know it might be. I don't know I'm the I thought it was. I I know something's good when I watch it like fucking ten. This is Jimmy when you got a guy like Miranda who all he does is drain and he's serious to see him in another alive. God how the Hell did Joe get them to do right right right and he looks awesome. Don't it like you said that that Little Benny Hill when he's tipping around on his tippy toes playing music but it was funny house Chris to the <hes> the <hes> the <hes> I wake up to light-heavyweight is that true as of right now yes and but there's nothing scheduled or set up no looking looking for October. I'll okay where's October. Where's October? Is that New York. No New York should be November..

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