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The largest number of units at risk Exotic includes apartment buildings Individual apartments And in the, northern counties the risk is higher because the homes are dispersed at the edge of. Wildland area there's homes mixed into the wildland, urban interfaces what they, call it that is the border between the edge of the city and the edge of the wildland And you're you're you're putting yourself in the middle of a huge amount of fuel Which we'll get consumed if there's one stray spark and now I'm reading that the story for the reading fire. Was that remember was from a car and they said it, was about, functioned, car maybe a guy started the car and a pile of brush Well then it turns out this this this vehicle blew out its tires and. Was riding on the rims and the rims threw off sparks You see that you're in. A car chase sometimes when the police lay down. A spike strip. And the tires get blown and. Then you see the. Car still goes, the, crazy guy still driving sparks, are, flying everywhere it's not often you see that in real life I've. Never seen it I don't think With my own eyes in real life. But I've seen it on TV with car. Chases well this this guy up in northern California had a situation where he, blew out his tires riding on the rims. Sparks you're flying and one of those sparks started. This reading fire. And again it's two hundred and. Two hundred and seventy. Three thousand acres.

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