Dan Patrick, Oregon, Michelle Alice discussed on The Dan Patrick Show on PodcastOne - Dan Patrick Show - Hour 2 - (04-07-17)


All right i'm out of my garage they go to put your makeup on getting ready for work michelle look the about to back to get really bad she said get away from me and she said not kidding we'll dan patrick like to talk to you she refused to talk to the great dan patrick he thought maybe we could work our way through this work out our problems here hits one listener to time chris i'll go door to door you know you've let me know where you live in oregon on stop by and maybe maybe i could convince your wife the the you know a decent it's a it's a well listen to show grabbed i got a my garage collie meth sleeping out there to ask and i crave healthy i'll let you i'll let you work on your relationship there but thanks for the phone call for your mind on yeah and michelle alice painfully awkward there and more for him than us now now he's got to live i don't at the next twenty three hours a deal with his big go to break now she get a week for me she's probably you know jim room fan since trying to get to work with somebody come on on the efforts you needed wife is a trust now that is very bad what did she she didn't like me because i like the sound of my voice or she doesn't like to santa my voice young we had an awkward topic this brought up before the show going to save it i may have to run it by you during the break and it's good if it's an interesting dilemma hypothetical.

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