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It's usually doing matt welcome to the Lady Gang and welcome to a very special episode of the show this summer we've teamed up with Vince Komodo to present lady lessons a five part series here, Unladen Gang, so after wrote our book. We realize there were other topics in our lady life that we wanted to do. A deeper dive into the upcoming curriculum includes conversations about fertility finances, race, career and And Mental. Health Vince Komodo is the perfect partner for US based on their brand values of empowerment, passion, integrity, loyalty, and self expression things that we see every day with you, Our lady game, community and speaking of community, the topics and questions you here in the series will be community sourced, and we can't wait to hear what you think without further ado on behalf of Vince, Komodo we present this week's lady. Lessen The lady gay. Our guest today is the fertility specialist. We've all been waiting for. And although we've been labelled as unrelatable by TV, viewers for not being MOM's. It may be today that you find out. Some of us are actually trying. What if my eggs are really cooked as I mentioned in the book act like a lady. This is here to tell us an answer. All of our egg excessive ha question. Board Certified OB G A reproductive endocrine geologist. I'm saying that criminologist. He's been published internationally not to mention. He has a whole lot of awards, honors and recognition while being fluent in French. Spanish. Kosta and Farsi Edano that one and two more right. Yes, okay, WHOA! What's better than us? Technology Technique with IVF egg donation and surrogacy that have patients traveling from around the world to see him at the San Diego fertility. Centre please welcome to the lady. Gang Dr Donna -ment. Thank you so much guilty. Thank A. Vitamin on your show, and it's a pleasure to connect with all of your listeners. So before we Kinda, get into it. I know that what you do is something that you probably get. A lot of people are ages thirty S. you know thirtyish, Twenty Six, twenty seven yes. Yes, exactly right and and They come to because you know they've spent their entire lives trying not to get pregnant right and being so scared everytime there period was laid, and then you wake up in your thirties, and especially in our generation where career woman we have things going on, and we wait until later in our thirties to even think about a family, and then it's almost too late, and then it's hard, and so, what is the the time that you wish? All women and men went and got tested their fertility tested If they WANNA, have candy. Issue is that men continue produce firm into their. Their forties and fifties and sixties does equality of sperm decrease overtime. Yes, that's it. It affected by smoking and other potential habits excessive drinking. Yes, but they still continues to produce firm s from production doesn't end. Women have a finite period of time when the eggs or healthy and good quality and Bible so we want women to start testing their fertility at twenty seven years of age. Why is that all women are born with all the as you're going to have throughout their lifetime, it's a million of earth time. They reached puberty. There I fear. It is down about four hundred thousand. The first significant decline in the quality of the eggs occurs twenty seven years of age now most women have good quality x when he eight twenty nine thirty, but that's when the curve starts making a dip. Dip becomes more significant after thirty two, an even more significant after thirty five, so if I think women are empowered to tell their obgyn's after twenty seven. Why don't you just do one blood blood tests on me? Which is all? It takes one blood test a day or two after my period so that I am assured that I still have good quality viable eggs, my ovaries. Just like a PAP smear that patients do. Once every couple of years. Why not just learn about your egg reserve? Because in twenty one years of my practice, I have seen twenty eight struggle with fertility because of equality three-year-olds 35-year-old's forty year olds. It happens it just the percentage of twenty-eight-year-old they're going to struggle is much smaller than the percentage of thirty eight year olds. So why not sort of take the the your reproductive-health into your own hands, and and empower yourselves and just get a blood test in? If at least you know your options, even if you're thinking while, I don't WanNa to have children now. There are other options available to patients. You know, egg, freezing, option, or at least you just know you're empowered by by the knowledge that Okay I. Don't have to worry about that aspect and I can tell you that most doctors will not tell you that. I was telling Becca the other day. Had A patient right now struggling with idea because she's run out of Good Quality X. And two and a half years ago, she went her Obgyn and she was thirty seven years of age, and and she already was showing signs of decrease ovarian reserve meaning that she was having trouble. Conceiving and hormone levels were out of range, and her Obgyn said to her you know. Why don't you try another year year and a half, and if it doesn't work Benghazi until Dr will by the time, she came to see it for doctor. She no longer has any. Viable eggs in her ovaries, and so the only. Avenue, that's open. Tour is using donor eggs. while. I have a lot of girlfriends who who have asked their doctors. Since my journey started with the F. I've told them what you've told me and a lot of them have gone to the Obgyn and have received the exact same feedback where they're kind of brushed aside and told. Not to worry so I guess it's. Can you demand that I mean obviously our bodies. Okay obsolete. It's. It's like saying you know I was. Know I had a fall in, can you? Can you get me a tetanus vaccine or you know? Absolutely it's it's it's. It's not a particularly expensive hormone tests it's it's very easy test to get, and you can even don't have to rely on the interpretation of of of your Obgyn to potentially you take action. Don't take no for an answer. Don't say, don't take the that sort of the classic answer which I've heard now for over twenty years. Is All your Yang? What do you have to worry about it now? Don't worry about you. Don't worry about that until you're thirty eight and forty years of age will. Will by the way by forty years of age, fifty percent of women have run out of quality. Choose well, and is this a different thing? Then so I was at my obviously, this is a different thing, but I was at my gynecologist recently to get a pap smear, and during when she's doing it, she was like. Oh looks like you have so many eggs, and so for me that like give me a peace of mind. I'm going to freeze my eggs year, but that gave me a peace of mind around like Oh, I'll probably be fine, so am i. not find and why. What's the benefit for for? GotTa call just to say that or to do that. When if if it's not so it could be. They looked at the ultrasound and they found lots of these immature cysts, which are essentially each egg develops and assists every month, so magin your ovaries have all these little cysts. Every month if you're not on a birth control pill, and what happens is one of those sis rose, and becomes a large assists, and then oscillates. It's basically desists. Person releases the egg, so could that during the ultrasound? They looked at your ovaries found. These multiple says that it looks like you have lots of eggs in the overs, but that's just one aspect of the egg reserve. One. Aspect is the number of eggs you have, but the other aspect is the quality of the eggs. We have different group of patients who have an adequate supply of eggs, but the percentage of good quality is significantly. Situation when I went to go I got the blood test. This is years ago, but I was like. I'm so young. I'm so fresh. Feel twenty five. And she was like well. Let me just tested. Are You thinking about trying? And then she was like you're i. can't remember exactly what the mechanism of you know. Whatever was, but she was like. You're a one percenter. Something like your at Bat. They're like if she basically was like. If you want to have a baby, you've got to have baby now like we're not good. It was so emotional motion all because you're like it's your womanhood. It's your you've spent your whole life trying not to get pregnant. And then you know in addition to a few grey hairs. You're all of a sudden. Your body is like your old. It's just so emotional. Really is. It really is an and I think that the the issue is, and that's why the importance of sort of empowering yourself and saying well. You know what I'm Gonna I'M GONNA start this testing early, but frankly I. Think that one percents you can't really. Delineate exactly the percentage. Yeah, but but if somebody also tells you, you got to have a baby now. No, you can freeze your eggs harder. You can embryos, or if you already to children, you can have children, but it's not like you..

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