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Disability because no camping or lawyer will be tolerated and people won't be able to just drop in without an appointment as for the absence of the city leadership at yet another public forum officials say they'll be three city hosted town halls in the next few weeks let me tell the council has gotten an update about the work combat homelessness singer council work session mayor Steve Adler throws his support behind the proposed budget I thank the community and the council in saying this is the number one priority I think we have a budget that reflects that but you can also help update the arch which most of public health Stephanie hated says next week will stop using the lottery system for those looking for help not staying at the shelter already basically that kind of starts the process of moving us to a place of a hundred percent case management and says are also in the process of working with the area service providers to expand their offerings to the homeless Junglee newsradio kale BJ the greater Austin crime commission is encouraged by the proposed twenty twenty city budget executive director Carrie Roberts things those numbers are pretty good because it includes thirty more police officers and the second half for your staffing plant also and thirty two new firefighters for dell valley station and twelve the paramedic and now that the budget in the hands of the city council Roberts hopeful that the city will back the increases requested for first responder positions if you live in Williamson County your property tax bill may climb by forty eight Bucks next year and the leaders of oppose leaving the current tax rate where it is it nearly forty six cents per one hundred dollars of taxable value but property tax our property values rather increase of the year meaning tax bills likely will to cattle finalized its budget including that tax rate on August twenty seventh and it's now six oh at Austin's on time traffickers don prior silicon get out there you see that typical build up right now northbound thirty five your heavy right now from looks like starting just north of sixteen twenty six and heavy pretty.

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