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The hawk net gusta since got the puck and carries to center ice drops it back in the hawk show to patrick kane he'll carry through center ice chips it over the shark line down the left wing artem anisimov behind the back pass the victory itself left point moves it down to anisimov back in the net the patrick kane along the right boards beside the circle to schmaltz in the slot turns and fires save is made scrambling saved by jones and anisimov following up on the rebound could not put it in the net here's patrick kane with the puck right wing corner schmaltz right circle took us to send right point victory top of the left circle to kane in the right circle cain holding sets up guston high slot back to kane one timer classic ricocheted wide and he's got it back right corner to patrick kane along the right half boards bothered by a couple of sharks schmaltz sticks the puck back to the right point puck justice and had vacated the area pucks lifts at center ice fox regain zone drops it off the top of the last circle of patrick kane right faceoff dot victory itself high slot now to the left wing boards gusta sent back they'd sell left point to kane top of the right wing circle the gus and top of the laugh here's gusts this down to the corner gave it a small circle eight sell high slot what time down is jones with a butterfly save he'll hold the puck at a niece emma standing over top of it their whistle stops play face off circle of jones's right thirty two seconds of the hawk power point we don't know lot about eight so the ability to shoot the puck but he gets this one in a hurry kid uses a long stick set up there that was a good shot going in there and stay for jones with the presence of an ec mazda right in front of the net little bit of video that i've seen on troy his shot stay low i mean maybe a foot foot and a half off the ice very typical pox they saw circle to the.

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