Ridgewood, Westridge, President Trump discussed on Wisconsin's Morning News with Gene Mueller


Enjoying the spacious comforts of a one bedroom apartment, regardless of income, that's because at Ridgewood and Westridge rent is limited to thirty percent of income and based on ability to pay rent includes heat water appliances, a locked lobby with intercom system in small pets are allowed to there's twenty four hour emergency maintenance, and the management office is on site, not to mention they have a laundry facility, elevators and locked storage for your convenience on top of social activities scheduled transportation for shopping, and senior center events and more Ridgewood wedding west region now accepting applications for one bedrooms for age sixty two and older restriction. Apply. Learn more call four one four three five five fifty twenty seven three five five five zero two seven Ridgewood and Westridge apartments, comfortable, affordable. Convenient senior housing in Milwaukee. Equal housing opportunity. You're listening to this show on WGN. Jay. Appropriate using from young Jordan, with producing Stephen arrogant. Studio on this Friday. It is a gorgeous day, seventy degrees. Sunshine out there on our way to eighty degrees summer has arrived will at last. That's the big question is not sunny. On Wall Street, the Dow plunging down three hundred the NASDAQ down one hundred and four the S and P also down because of a new trade tariff threat, the Mexican president is asking President Trump now to reconsider his latest threat says it's foreign relations secretary will lead a delegation to seek.

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