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And how he boxed her in under the bed all of this tonight as his family now speaks out for the first time. Were there any warning signs? What they're now saying here's. ABC's Alex Perez, Mr. Paddison tonight, the family of the man accused of kidnapping, Jamie clause, and murdering her parents breaking their silence. His grandfather telling ABC news, something went terribly wrong. Nobody had any clues. We are absolutely heartbroken. It's wrenching to deal with adding that his grandson was shy and quiet. He backed off from crowds. But a nice boy, polite, computer games or more of a priority than social interaction Patterson's childhood friend stunned to everyone liked he was a good student. He was pretty happy for the most part. But prosecutors painting a picture of a cold blooded killer, who according to court documents chose a twelve gauge shotgun because he thought he would inflict the most damage later burning Jamie's clothing to get rid of evidence off enforcing the thirteen year old under his bed. Boxing, her end with laundry, totes and barbells. Tonight. Patterson's family struggling to understand what went wrong, his father and brother silent as they left the courthouse on let's get back to Alex pres- with us law tonight, again from Wisconsin, Alex Paterson's families, also describing his mother's reaction when she heard the news. David family members, say Pedersen's mother initially was hoping thorns confused her son with someone else they say, he had no mental health issues growing up David Alex Perez again tonight. Thank you, Alex. We're gonna turn now.

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