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Show. And Jack, do you think now is a good time to tell Alfred what's happening tomorrow? I'll let you handle that. Jack will be in for a repeat performance on the initials game. Tomorrow. Road is hurt. Listen, Hal, Fred, My Throat is hurting right now. Yeah, available. Yeah, That's what Okay. I'm not afraid of Jack. Come on with it. Jack. Can't wait to see you tomorrow, buddy. Hey, Jack, is we talk about a sweet talk about pitchers and catchers reporting voice Ian Fernando to teach Junior get this side. $340 million contract extension. We We've seen this dance firsthand here in in Denver with Nolan Aaron Auto, given him the big, big, big money. But what does this do for a player like Trevor Story? Who now that the bar has been set is not going to probably give beginning this team Hometown discount. Well, you know, I will say a couple of things to that one. Um Fernando is a tremendous talent that at a young age and you know, the Padres feel it was worth the investment will See how it plays is it moves across the 14 years? I mean, but I think Trevor is a is a separate entity from Tad TC. I think it's much more about Corey Seager and Frankie Lynn door Hobby Baez and those people. Um, it will be very interesting with Trevor Does he does everything very quietly, Um, except in terms of the clubhouse when he is a very strong leader in his voice is heard much more. Um, I don't really have any sense yet how it's gonna play out with him. Does it appreciably change? Um, the marketplace for all of those great shortstop, So we're gonna be free agents at the end of this year. I think how we handle the pandemic and how baseball comes to their next players agreement has a much impact on Trevor as This Todd teach contract. What? I know. You know, Every year we go into spring training we're looking for Bright spots going going into this year's spring training do you have? Do you have any early indications that we have bright spots that we hadn't really recognized or see on the roster last year? Um, you know, it's a great question. L I mean, I think, Um, uh, We have seen a lot of the kids start to work their way up, so I don't know if there was If there's a surprise name, you know, people have heard about Brendan Rogers for a while. And and Ryan McMann and Garrett Hampson and Sam Hilliard rhyme. L Ta Pia. I think it's much more will. May. I guess if there's one it would be Brendan Rogers. I think you know, here's a guy who has From being drafted third overall to being on all the top lists going through the minors toe have the last two years really not go for him at all because of a shoulder injury. It's kind of. Ah, make it or break it year for Brendan this year, and I think, um, he'll get the chance to play and how he plays. I think in in many ways Helps. Um, either make the lineup a little better than people think it's gonna be or be another hole in the lineup. That's gonna be a challenge. You know, You know the reason I asked you that because Daniel Bard was such a great story from last year and Continued to be bright spot for this team last year and wanted to see you. Have you had any inkling of of management? Or or people around the team with a buzz like that? You know, like, Hey, you never know what could happen. Check out this guy. Yeah. You know, Eller probably would be, you know, in terms of and we'll see how it how it plays, and obviously people are going to say Oh, that's because he was part of the trade. Um, But Buddy was very enthusiastic about, uh, the left hander Gamber that the ball club got in the trade for No. One among all those players. And, of course, buds, a little partial, the left handed pitchers and he was one himself. But, um, I think, but believes that he has a chance to be Better than people think so. Maybe he is a little bit of a surprise. I love the comment that he made today. You know, he's a curve ball pitcher, and you know it is best pitch. You know his fastball spine, but he spins it is Bud says, Boy, he can spin it. And one of the media. People today asked him, um what it was gonna be like throwing a breaking ball at Coors Field and and he said If I was on the moon, I would throw my curveball. So I like that kind of attitude. I jack on the other side. Let's talk about the rest of the rotation for the Rockies because we know how pitching goes. So goes The Rockies as far as the way that they've played. They've never had problems putting runs up. It's stopping the other team from putting runs up. We'll do that, in the other side are great play by play announcer for the Colorado Rockies. Jack Corrigan is our guest. It's big Alan Judge. Oh, okay. Way news radio traffic.

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