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Business can keep your business. Running at business dot spectrum dot com. WBZ news time ten forty eight traffic and weather together on the it's sponsored by the Berman auto express store, here's Durango major issues on the Edens interrupt right now Cisco tonight team minute commute between lake cook. And the Kennedy junction either direction that you go the Kennedy inbound twenty seven minutes from O'Hare to downtown seventeen minutes in from the junction in the local lanes, fourteen in the express on the outbound side of the Kennedy tend to Montrose. It's twenty four minutes onto a hair. The Eisenhower inbound forty six minutes from route three ninety and twenty six for Mannheim in out onto ninety. It's nineteen minutes out to Mannheim, thirty one from downtown out to the three ninety tollway. Stevenson, inbound thirty seven minutes from three fifty five to lakeshore drive in twenty seven minute commute in from the tri-state outflow from catchy to Polaski. It's twenty two minutes out to the tri-state and thirty two out of three fifty five. The Dan Ryan inbound at twenty two minutes from ninety fifth into the burn interchange. Outbound. Okay. On the Ryan just fifteen from downtown to the split Fifty-seven all clear both in and up on the Bishop Ford is delay-free both directions as well. Lakeshore drive northbound we're seeing delays as you approach forty-seven because of moving roadwork. But no southbound issues on the drive the tristate north. From the Stevenson of the away San from the grand avenue. Moral southbound's? I'll clear the Jane Addams tollway. Eastbound looking okay. But on the westbound side of I ninety you're heavy from Arlington heights before route fifty three because of daytime roadwork on the Reagan toy no delays to report the three fifty five route fifty three combo smooth sailing as well, I eighty and eighty ninety four both looking great. So as I sixty five with the Indiana toll road slow both directions between Indianapolis boulevard and the West Point toll plaza because of ongoing construction till may seventeen down to one lane in that stretch. And crystal lake look out for a large police and fire department presence on walkup north of route one seventy six per search in a nearby pond traffic sponsored by the Berman auto express Bernado express stores the expressway to buy your next car. One hundred percent online just select your used vehicle. Pricing delivered right to your doorstep with all the paperwork ready to sign. See over five hundred vehicles Berman dot com. Traffic and weather together on the every ten minutes on News Radio seven eighty one point nine FM. We have clouds in Chicago land now ever some of us seeing the sound especially in the north suburbs. We'll all.

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