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Needs to be best in class and all the channels that we plan for our customers. And we listened to them, we get to know them, and then we're there for them, and we hope to be there and ways that are different than how they're expecting other brands show, so that people don't have nervous breakdowns, but no hoping plastic is just impossible. You take the scissors. I can't I'm not strong enough to open we let me ask you this very expensive product. This is what I shape with. Okay. Is that fit with the rest of the products? I mean, there was this, an aspiration brand? It is an aspirin brand GM. It's, it's a high price point. It's prestige only distribution. But when you look at where we're going as a company around global grooming men. Skin-care. It's a category. That's growing rapidly. The products are amazing and interestingly enough, it's a founder lead brand that we acquired about a year ago, and it's doing very well. And we learned a lot from that we can apply him. Just always surprising to book, these great and women pretty popular, right? Yeah. Yeah. We recently launched Mingo, which is a woman's focus brand, both online and at target as well. And it's having success in both of those channels, and it was a brand that was built by women on our team with women in mind and trying to sort of solve the consumer needs in that segment the same way we were able to solve it. And just one this thing talk me a little bit about sustainability home. Portent is to you because obviously the old days are not the old brands or not. Yeah. So I mean, I think it's incredibly important to us we literally on all of our packaging, give shave recycle. And we think that, you know, that's an important message that we've always have our team and it's not only on us for where we are today. But we've need to innovate here. If we're going to be an ex. Generation CPG pod forum, we need to lead the way and everything like the way, I want to total sustainable, frankly. I'm just not into the plastic. Jim Grabb the bulldog, razor package, right there. It's all paper. That's what I just know plastic in there, the ham, the handles recycled, bamboo handle all sustainable. That's the roots and heritage of that brand. So we have the capability we've set in Bishop targets, and we've staff the team up to go after sustainability. Well, I think it's terrific what you've done. Congratulations, congratulations. You really the right thing. Really rod little presencio of edge personal care, Andy Katz Mayfield, and Jeff Reiter cope banners and Costa ios of Harry's. And once again are staying with the company. It is time. And then the lightning round is over. Are you at as gauge late round? John, you're John. I'm John from New York, your years old. Thank you for all your wisdom, and knowledge over the year long long longtime believer, and you could walk on water fire bird. Thank you. I'm calling about a stock that fifty two week low peak of eight over four percents. David, conserve the best quality of all, all obey affect. I own a two thousand three hundred two hundred eighty thousand miles on anything I've changed with the break life person rotted, the second person this week is told me to look at Honda. I, I said, the same the other guy, which is I don't like, hey, you wanna stocks Ford. But the story you told is actually Goodwin because I research, say the last guy told me, by the way Toyota's not bad either. So there you go. I need to go to Ronnie, and California Ronay decree their hor your I am good. How about you, sir? I wanted to get your thoughts on the Chinese online shop. Now it's coming on time for mid shop has come God, John and Georgia. John. Jim, thanks for taking the call. Hi, bought twist bio Tiet is on the secondary offering the J P Morgan did in early twenty one. Yeah, I like it in a little later. My question for you. Is it a by cellar hole at the current level, which is this level, but member highly speculate but JP Morgan deal like it. They got burnt, good biotech Virga bankers. I need to go to Michael in New York. Mike goal..

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