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Penny. It's within our power to do it. Let's do it now doing the address. The president also touted his agenda, including a $2 trillion infrastructure package and a newly unveiled $1.8 Trillion America's family plan that aims to give all Americans access to community College. Preschool, affordable child care and paid leave. South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott gave the GOP response, saying it was an empty pitch from the president. President Seems like a good man. His speech was full of good words. But President Biden promised you a specific kind of leadership. He promised to unite the nation. The lower the temperature to govern for all Americans, no matter how we voted. This was the pitch. You just heard it again. Senator Scott says after more than three months the president's actions have not united the country but pulled it apart. Two sheriff's deputies and three other people, including a suspected gunman are all dead. After a lengthy standoff in North Carolina. The deputies responded to our home in the Boone area Wednesday after the homeowner and his family didn't appear it work or answer any telephone calls. Sheriff Sergeant Chris Ward and canine officer Logan Fox were shot when they entered the home. Both were killed. Ah share statement says the person suspected of killing the two off Sisters is also suspected of killing two other people inside the home. The mother of a murdered sailor wants help, Adrian Brown tells Adrian Brown Mills. Pardon me tells reporting partner 10 News that her son Dante Brown, was helpful in encouraging to his shipmates, and she can't understand why anyone would want to hurt him. The 22 year old sailor was shot Saturday when he answered the door to two men is doing the right thing so that Brianna asked to come forth so I can be at peace so I can have closure. Let Mesa police only have a description as two black men who were wearing masks and hoodies who ran from the scene on Echo Court. One San Diego County leader is pushing for more help for area restaurants and Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond is announcing a proposal to waive all permit fees for the region's restaurants. The waiver would be for the 2021 2 2022 fiscal year and include waving the annual environmental health fee, the supervisor's office released a statement saying, quote Restaurants have been devastated by the cove in 19 pandemic, and these actions will provide the necessary relief to the restaurant and food service industry to ensure swift recovery. The Board of Supervisors is expected to vote on the proposal on May 5th at him a coven KOGO News More than a million people are now fully vaccinated in San Diego in the county is expanding access, Supervisor Nathan Fletcher says, in addition to making vaccine sites other than the super stations available without appointments, Counties, also adding more mobile outreach and extending hours until eight p.m. while considering 24 7 options, a lot of those very motivated individuals who were clamoring for the appointments have been able to find one and now we're heading into a phase where we have to work to shift our thinking around the vaccine system to try and make it more convenient make it easier to access. We have begin to see some slack in the appointments in that they are not immediately gone. There's still generally being taken, but there are more available. The positive test rated send Eagle counties Upto 1.6% over the last two weeks. Jack Roman Cooking news. A study confirms There are differences in the way Republicans and Democrats view the threat of the Corona virus. That's according to a study from UC San Diego's Rady School of Management, lead author. PhD candidate aerial, Freedman tells Kogo news. They started the study in March of 2020 and expected people to come together over what can get us out of the pandemic. When there's a threat. People tend to come together. In this case, we thought it would be the vaccine they questioned. Same group of participants every month. Overall, on average vaccine attitudes actually worse than over the period from March to August 2020, and that decline we found was driven, particularly by Republican study also found the different sources have preferred media by each party could be one of the reasons for the perception of the virus. Marilyn Haider Kobo News, California's gig worker law, A B five does apply to truckers. The law requires employers to provide benefits to workers in gig economy, jobs like Ride, sheriff Food delivery. Now a three judge panel of the ninth U. S Circuit Court has overturned a lower court ruling that said that gig working does not apply to truckers. The new ruling could apply to his many 70,000 truck drivers in California, who continued to work while classified as independent contractors. The California Trucking Association will further appeal that decision. You're just posters on the wall I used to. I knew it. I was a member of the kiss Army. Ladies and Germs. Kiss fans the way for the band's new documentary almost over and he has announced.

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