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You're listening to john gibson it is john gibson the healthcare be of i do think it's wise advances saying and get in on to the next phases even if move face serious chance he in order for other republicans in the present to get on the tax perform triple eight seven eight eight nine nine one zero braun in in newtown in north dakota why do you think it should not pass yeah i was wondering if i agree well i think so anywhere was when a mess due to see if you think the fifth kicker bill is just protecting be the stew's me insurance company and is the medical care of the former civic accompanied for obvious money this pouring into into the congress and are representatives and that this is the reason where we're going this way correction and he doesn't that when it really just it's a straight you think that the republicans and the insurance companies are codeine to put for the same through in its mainly to benefits insurance companies is that what you think or that not completely i also think with all the elite whether it be the drama craft or the republican be the one there is a off their there is needed to be drained they have a way of doing fear the minute mode conversely the back end of background you know.

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