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Percent bonus. Once LS twenty promo code at the dot com is a website. All right, let's get back into it. Oh, well, the machine gun, Kelly thing, I haven't finished man. Oh, man. We didn't finish. I think Eminem won the hill. We never finished up. We never looked true. All right. What's about though? I don't know what was ten bucks something about signing. So you have to wear. You have to wear a sign full that it says, Louis j Gomez is my God. You got it. And what do I gotta wear that same shirt looser. You're always my God? Yeah, but in my size, triple x. We'll get that real one yet is buddy. Yes. Photoshop, he's Chinese. There's so much sinus Lewis. I gotta say, you lost This. this. Article Lewis. You didn't even lose anything. No, I think those aren't real. I think those are. Photo shops, enough photo shops. They did. I know it's a marketing ploy with the blues off off the blue, they actually changed it. So you understand the thousands and thousands of dollars. I know. I thought it was crazy that they change the sign hill change off the blue is on the b because they want you to focus burger thing. Louis? Why is it that you think that a multimillion dollar ad marketing campaign is something they do, but just flipping the p up to be something that would. They don't even need to fucking get a b. it's going to turn it over our go. Louis, all you have to do is where shirt that says, you're awesome in Jay's size. To get all that material. Do you know if a frown goes upside down? It's a smile. As imitate, you disrespected. A new year. The best part about the cheered for you fight. Valiantly lost that one. Now who did m. k. machine gun Kelly MGK is video guy and Michigan MGK when his people beat up, dude whites. I don't know. I think it was winning people. Crew is she stops actor who called him a with the p. But what you have. So this guy talks about actually, that's going. But it's. This guy actually end this this guy at the end is the ultimate piece of shit like he's wrong, and every possible way play. This is after getting beat up white, LeBron James, it's actually Anthony's brother. Sake has. It has to be said, pussy, your pussy for families. You're, you're pushing. Videotape people. This guy sucks. Keeps this re. They loop it, but like I want to show us. That's what he did here, but he'd go to guy, but all the should afterward. He talks about, like, all I did was go tell my opinion. Gabriel g guide Rodriguez this jerk off the guy who got beat up by machine. I think that your next flight, if Lewis with better kicks kicks. Dan. Lance kicks on, you punch. So you really wanna get machine gun Kelly in the octagon. Don't you. He's even do share them Louis. Yeah. Your boy ties is it actually as a strategy here, I don't know if this is the best way to encourage machine gun Kelly it again, the octopus, right? You wanna show you kinda lame example. I got. I what I did. I balanced out with this about the thanks courtesy of nine rounds. Look what I got. These are paying gloves. I don't get. So like. Big AO Kherson. Pink. Before I took this video, I felt the man. Then I read my hand pink gloves. Almost feels like this is turned into a sport for you..

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