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Point just like mark understood. There's a pain point and guys like yourself guys like guys like me. My job is to like we can locate those people and identify what those pain points our. And we partnered with with a guy named eric. Hope who is an absolute mosser's apples like fifteen years work directly for steve jobs. He yeah he told me about the demont yes in him in his guys like essentially we have access to those programmers. Who can do insane things like what we're building right now is just swings way below it's laughable that they work on that kind of stuff as opposed to like vr or are they weren't working for a laughable cloud break when we doing so much because how antiquated enterprise software is these days it really takes the stepping stones to get us in and and really take us to a spot where you know easy and intuitive your iphone. Is you take for granted what the capability on our phones are in what in what in what consumer based technology can do. But you look at enterprise or you know business level solutions that just haven't been approached because it hasn't been done probably the the right way or does there hasn't been a direct to do it because what they were doing was still making money. As opposed to these efficiencies that half to happen now in this environment. So there's a as we talk about earlier this kind of a shift in the mindset that but that's not the important thing right now importantly is understanding where these problems are and identifying how we can solve problems because he's problems are typically spreadsheet problems and it's hard because people are so emotionally attached to a created spreadsheet that's a but if a spreadsheet your business critical workflow is done through spreadsheets. I guarantee you software would make would would make your life incredibly like so much easier and we're identifying that now across multiple industries at the same time so pretty much so people come to you. Say hey look we've been doing this for five ten years stuff still on this thing. I know there's a better way. I just don't know that better way. All this Do you get an idea. This is an issue. I don't know how to solve it. Yeah that's what we've been doing. This last year. Have been constant feedback meaning after feedback meaning after feedback meeting to understand. This is what you're this is what i'm hearing okay. This is what the problem is so you would like to see something like this. Start with big picture stuff. Let's create this. Create something big picture. So let me let me go. For example. We we have a certain. That's great let's walk. Let's walk through this because really want to learn more about this. I'm sure there's people out there. That kind of that might be listened as well. So what walk me through. This walked me through this. We have a software that we partnered with an injury expert. Using estimator at mccarthy builders okay estimating process right now as it sits is a scope of work spreadsheet. Give your internal estimate you invite you. Send that you send that spreadsheet into vendors okay. I'm sorry partners. Thank you Or subcontractors whatever whatever your terminology is right at a senate out to them and they send back their bids on it matters lump sum for the whole thing or line item whatever in then you communicate back and forth on certain things through email and at the end of the day..

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