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Tell our listeners what it's going to be about radio show israeli interviewing people who have inspirational stories stories like mine i had my moment when i realized on the first of january two thousand ten does any one person who's hurting here and it's me and i'm not going to do it anymore and i just stopped it was like i turned to switch and i suddenly became the real man again instead of this sort of shameful person who every time i saw anybody in they said you know oh how so and so and they didn't know that we'd split up which would have not made back i became a real person again so the idea is that they share their stories may help people realize that that not in what i call to glass coffin which is where i felt after they lost event happened i thought i could see people i could hear people i could speak but nobody could hand me for nobody they could hear me but they didn't really listen so the objective of the show is to let people know that they're not on their own so to shows a month inspirational entities with paypal fascinating people have approached may i i'm overwhelmed by the the response i've had and then two shows with organizations that offer support or that the people have the cells have set up to offer support to other people it's it's it's i'm in a different world of inspirational people helping other people set it it with all the bad news around the moment this is inspirational an enlightening fhu if people wanted to get in touch with you what's the best way for them to do it okay they can always email me the email address is over the edge sue now over the edge looks a little bit funny because it's got to ease in the middle but over the edge sue as you e at g mail dot com well i wanna thank you so much first of all for being a guest today that's number one i want to give.

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