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You should be as somalia because your name is basically is somalia somalia i have thought of all that he rapidly so my older sister she a few years ago took her first test in order to become a somalia and we were just joking about how would be like we got like the ron names like she should have been molly because she could be somalia malia to'delay excellent branding opportunity waste said friday rights well are you ready to talk about fun fatty yes i'm so excited i know that fun felt he was a big part of your childhood can you talk a little bit about that all of the basque birthday parties had a fun fatty cake and they were inch like layer cakes they were a sheet cake usually made from the box and that was like the gold standard of birthday cakes i feel for any child who grew up in like the late eighties or 90s i think the generation is key because i was talking to some people my mom's age and they didn't even really know what i was talking about what yeah it's on gosh hold on mccann ideal quick google search to see maybe you know this like when fund fed was actually invented 1989 i'll put my birth year okay yes so that's that makes a whole lot of sense that how you share a birth year with fun feddie that makes it even more specialised in that's totally assigned so you grow up eating fun fatty and then now that you are an expert baker you decided to take it on yourself what is the key to making a successful fun feddie kick at home because you had a lot of trial and error yes so there are a few very important elements about a fun fatty cake that's meat from scratch and the first thing that i want everybody to know that i feel like it's kind of a misconception in the world of cake begging is that fund fatty cake is not just sprinkles in a vanilla cake it requires a specific type of sprinkle because not any type of sprinkle will do i tried a lot of like naturally coloured spring goals.

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