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Complement and bring out the best in them. And I imagine that you are using these essential oils applying them or using them in lots of different ways but paint a few pictures a few examples of you know where might you apply these topically winner. How long might you diffuse them? Okay well as with everybody you always do us against a consultation so you want to make sure that the essential that you're using aren't GonNa be Contra indicated even these that Avec save so we don't want to do anything that's going to aggravates a situation for example. My did a survey and while I would use orange or mandarin because it's uplifting I found that some parents reported that actually increased hyperactivity so. They're not all children but in some children's therefore Magenta oil rather than oriental orange juice. Way that idea us to make up especially because I'm mostly working with children with this condition. I make up a roller bottle. I say for example Frankencense Mandarin for example and maybe lavender together as a blend in your Hobo or grape seed oil and put into rotation is familiar with bottles electing perfume bottles that you could just roll on the president to contact but they can roll the essential alone to risks as a few therapy perfume. They can smell that all. I use a nasal inhaler which is a bit like vicks inhaler where you could chew with a bit of a cotton wanting in and you drop the essential into that and then closed up. So that it's the game very safe to us. Coming into contact directly to the essentials that they can pop it in pocket. Dot News at when and if they need to and the other thing about using these is about local control. The person is involved in. If you want to Treatment Torah away of Commun- They can take control. Use It on anything need to notice the monitor the use of the oil so you would change the oils. Every so often you would have breaks from using essential oils needs to using using a set of oil on a week's break so we're not using the same Constantly all time said we changed This is the beauty of blending oils. Because you can use a three four five oils that you find useful and you can put them in different combinations time and this way you're erotic variety but also no lessening the risk of any sensitization to use so that it makes it very I loved the chapter in your book. Specifically about the safe use of essential oils even though differ in opinion. On some of your points. And that's fine. We don't all have to agree on everything. I'm a little less conservative. In my approach when it comes to essential oils but there's tons of people out there who want to be more conservative. Want to be a little more strict in cautious when using their central oils. Man That's their comfort level. And that's great so I love this chapter and I also love the part in it where you talk about sort of hypocrisy around the way that the media portrays essential oils right on one hand. It's portrayed very often as you know just that SPA like atmosphere and it smells good. And who isn't this lovely. But as you say that completely undermines their potential and their value. So I'd love to hear a story. Perhaps the ways that you've seen essential oils really impact people's lives outside of that sort of Foo Foo spa like application. So many that I think is nothing. Nothing wrong with pampering and there's nothing wrong with that. The feel-good factor and the only thing is get played on too much. And there is a dangerous you just said of trivializing essential oils. When in fact they all chemicals and they did have therapeutic value which is often undermined or underestimated because of pampering aspect. Those danger than because they're saying something that's just feel good that they're just splashed on us a responsibly. So you know while while it's lovely to do that and they do work very well for pampering making feel Nice. It's also important to remember that they need to be used carefully. But there are lots of incidences where most of incidences most of my clients I use the essential that this disseminated even know which wanted to draw from but for example grief MMA helping clients deal with grief and of course many different types of grief in different causes of grief and it's not about replacement as in using a person it can be out the loss of a job or having to move and of leaving behind the life that you've enjoyed and sense of grief. So I find essentials a wonderful for helping people transition through emotional states emotional phases in their lives and again I come back to Frankenstein's is one of my favorite toils. But it's very very good grief as Cyprus. That's one example that I have clients who come because they're obviously very stressed out at too much work going on they don't have to sleep and so I would use finds of blend or use oil. That would help them to slow that thinking down to call that that sense of anxiety so that they can then the state in a different place within themselves and also on not saying note you can use essential oils and age meditates to eighty two in relaxation. So there's just a vast array of using ways of using central other than just hampering as I said that's very nice and very pleasant and useful to last question I'll pose to you and then what will move onto our closing round but just give us a picture of what else people can expect to learn from your book or maybe if you have a favorite chapter part of your book and that listeners might enjoy hearing about ago like goldfish fabulous.

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