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Movie you're on facebook and instagram awesome movie pod On twitter Jason Harris comedy on facebook and Instagram Jay Harris comedy on Twitter Gopher Jason on the web and on letterbox. But yeah, I I'm really proud of Austin movie year and. A good. Good. Good. All right. Very good job producing. Well thank you Jason for that. Wonderful wonderful compliment and thanks for being here and I'm I'm looking forward to another trailer episode with you in a couple of weeks from now already got the movies picked out. So I'll be sending you that list that's exciting and we should say we've watched two of them from our last trailer episode you might have watched more right? I just watched project power yesterday and you watch tax collector, right? Tax Collector we just did an episode on, which is an absolutely terrible news. So that's we did what? Six trailers. Yes and four you've seen four they've all been very bad. Yet, this isn't been the best month. Still an awesome movie year but not an awesome movie month I should say. We I used to go here not very bad but just not good, right? Yeah exactly. It's a very average movie, but it was enjoyable though definitely enjoyable not worth episode but an enjoyable movie if you're if you want to. If, you want to of I don't know maybe not there are some laziness and that script to. Yeah you're Komi in both of those movies and I don't know the worth of either of his characters. He's kind of A. Especially, I used to go here I'm like what what is happening with your character this one. Well let's keep high hopes for Tesla and we'll see what comes up next. Well, thanks Jason for being here as always in L. Talk to you soon. Cool to have.

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