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Adam Frazier hitting, to eighty eight with four home runs Now the pitch And fastball is up above the belt and called a strike near. The outside corner one ball and one strike Adam frazier Been in the pirates system since he was drafted in the sixth round five, years ago Broken-bat roller hit soft at a second over to his right panicked he's got it slings it over the first for the out The runner Diaz moves over to third base To Dan runner at third. A run in and here is Jordy Mercer Spiting out the pitcher up next Were you would like to get this guy out so that the pitcher will lead off the next inning On the other hand the pitcher himself is a pretty good hitter were has been so far this year must grove And Mercer's had a pretty strong. Series for the pirates, to sixty one overall he takes very high football one Mercer six home. Runs twenty six doubles He's knocked in thirty seven. Runs, only three twenty seven on base, average so he has been pretty aggressive He does not. Often walk one oh pitch and that's a festival. In there for.

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