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On a date. I the thing that I remember very clearly. It's so ridiculous. Think about it now but because I grew up I came of age in the seventy s and so I should have been watching like movies like the French connection and listening to Punk Rock and all that instead for For some reason because I was in such a bubble The movie that's entertainment came out. Oh yeah and it was this. Mgm a collection of all the greatest mgm song and dance routines from their best movies during their musical period. It's I get Clinton show clips show and my dad took to see it and I saw Donald O'connor doing make them laugh. Make him laugh bag and he does this crazy dance routine where he smashing into an I saw that and I. I really felt like someone had taken my hand and put it on the third rail of a New York. Subway electrcity city went through my body. And I just I that hit me like a ton of bricks and I wanted to be a song and dance man and affiliate and I think to this day I wanna be a five billion. I think I'm really happy in theaters. I I love You know packing them in the seats giving them a great time and then giving them more than they thought they were. GonNa get in And I love old Kooky theaters and even when when you and I you and I have done so many shows together where we do a week in Chicago a week in Atlanta a we at the Apollo Theater via. I'm in love with that. I'm on cloud nine. I love backstage is I love and I think All of those things led me to sort of. That's the kind of show business I wanted to be and I think I willed myself. I mean I was a writer producer on the simpsons and people were really happy with me there and there was a feeling remember by agent at the time. Saying you could stay here and you could run the simpsons and this is going to go on forever and it's the most respected and I was like I gotta get out of here because I'm in a lab. I'm in a comedy lab and it's the funniest group of writers. I may ever work but guess what I'm got I. I'm sitting in a room. I mean people said to me over the years but you must have loved the simpsons was like I love what we made and I had such respect and have such respect for those writers and for that with that but it wasn't Mike Creation and also it didn't involve it involved me sitting still and just using my brain years like I can't get out but everybody that worked with you. There talks about how you were. It was the cone show in the room every day. Yeah I can hold. I mean having you know having been your TV wife for all these years Yeah I know like you. Can't you don't stop now and it's funny because You know when we did the tour after the tonight show craziness. We did that. You and I did that tour and it was such a traumatic slash great. It was competent as a combo. Platter of so many things. It was a An Rodman flender made this documentary about it and for a long time. He was putting it together a long after the tour ended and I said what are you. GonNa call this thing and he went on. I know what I'm going to go and I'm not gonNa tell you yet. And then finally he's he came out. It was called CONAN. O'brien can't stop and I said Oh that's interesting anyway. Yeah it's a documentary about addiction and you're the addict on I was like Oh okay and I don't think he's Ron. I think he's right and that there was some and you can see in the documentary which I won't watch any but he did it very value net. I Wat- I watched it when it came out. Yeah and then I want to look back at it because it's just a time I don't want to go back to and I think I will look at it again but I think more time needs to go by. It's only been a decade. Yeah but I think it'd be good to watch with your kids when they're older in on but I think one of the things that's interesting is this dynamic of. There's a great moment where I It's very honest moment where I think do a practice show. And it's like just for practice crowd which is basically a crew members and stuff came in in all felt very flat and it wasn't that that was something else. I'm talking about You can clean this up if you want. I remember I remember very clearly. There was a moment when.

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