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Your Rockies getting down to business of baseball after cleaning to major hurdles signing manager. But black third baseman Nolan aeronautics back in the Foltz now for a long period of time. Which is great. We're looking at how they are preparing for the regular. Season voice, the Rockies, Jack Corrigan is on the live line. Good morning, Jack. Good morning Marty. God they've got a feel good knowing that the pieces are in place. And now, they can truly truly focus on baseball. That's just got a not that there was necessarily cloud. But just kind of lift that little bit of angst and anxiety. Yeah. I think that's a that's a good viewpoint. You're right. I don't think there was a, you know, a lot of hand wringing over the process, but you you still would like to have seen it get done early and your credit Dickman fruit, and Jeff Friday and everybody for taking care of bud and and getting Nolan into the fold, and it's nice to just sit down and talk about baseball and not about contracts when you talk to other players though, right now, I know it's early it's spring training. But how significant are those two contract signings to the rest of the team? They are important there. There's no question, Nevada April. I I think the ball club early on realized what brings not only in terms of his experiences. A player is experience as a manager. But the personality that neat brings in terms of working with players individually collectively has made a difference in the clubhouse and not only is Nolan the most talented player in the Rockies clubhouse. She's also the hardest or for the other guys to see that get rewarded. That's a terrific boost knowing that he's being recognized for what he can do. And and the ball club has their best player in the fall for a long period of time. Mike you there? Yes. I'm here. Are you guys here? Yes. We do. Go ahead. Do you Jack? Do you think the bulk of the working getting to the finish line on the new deal was done while negotiating the one year deal to avoid arbitration? I think there was a lot of that, you know, as people heard Nolan from the news conference a couple of days ago. It was in place. I think that deal, and it was much more about Nolan through it being as meticulous as he is in his preparation, and is he said doing a lot of praying about it to make sure it was the right thing for him. I credit his representatives, and Jeff Freidrich and dick Monfort for you know, giving a laying out a scenario that that Nolan found to his liking and really once he was comfortable. It was just a matter of finalizing things, and they get it done Jack of the Rockies done in the standpoint. I mean, obviously, they got the two most important things put to bed but anything around the fringes that the Rockies may do for the season starts. Yeah. I, you know, I don't think that ever stops smarty. I think there is you know, they're going to watch in the spring here. How things play out in the bullpen. Whether some of the younger guys are. Are able to contribute whether people like and Shaw are set the bounce back. And all of that. I think if anything happens personnel wise between now and the start of the year, it might be on the pitching side. And then the bullpen, but we'll see how the market plays out now fun to watch. So far a lot of movement in this off season. Alright, thanks so much Jack. We appreciate it. Okay. Guys voice, the Rockies, Jack Corrigan, and it sounds like Mike rice, we're going to air.

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