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N tizzy eleven after eight on A M Tampa Bay. And let's find out what Siri has for us in the way of a joke today and Katie taken away. Let's see what she's got. Hey siri. Tell me a good joke. What do you? Call a talking dinosaur Soroush. Pretty sure we. A talking dinosaur is not her way. But definitely not middle of the road. Yeah. I saw a couple of these dogs can't operate MRI. Scanners but cat scan. Actually like that one. And our mountains aren't just funny there hill areas, they're hilarious. And one more. I like this one turning vegan would be a big mistake. You would miss a lot of steak outings. If you're a vegan for sure well enough of that I had like three pounds of steak last night. Yom really eaten it found. A good sauce. News that carry Ocoee ginger Lew. Interesting sounds like a winning plan to me, whatever it is there. But. By the way, the winner of the Miss America. Pageant was miss New York. But I've got a feeling people are going to stop watching the Miss America pageant where people watching it in the first place. I don't know. I think they've given up on it. But now, no the bathing suits, no nothing. It's all about answering questions or something. I don't know what it's all about intelligence now jeeze. That's why I think the Miss USA pageant is gonna take off like a rocket undoubtedly, and she's going to be a big deal. But we'll see what was the other thing. I, oh, we haven't mentioned the fact that Judy Genshaft has announced her retirement at USF, and she's done an incredible job there for eighteen years. I mean, they become one of the top schools in the state of Florida. I don't know what they call this thing. But you have to get some kind of certification in the only schools had had it were. I think Florida and Florida state, and they joined that and became part of the trio I think I need to become president of a major universities. You know, how much she was making us making nine hundred twenty five thousand dollars. And I think she had a home on a car. I know she had home. I would hope so paycheck. Yeah. That wouldn't be bad at all. What are the highest paid university presidents in in the nation? She was and but I think well worth it. But she came in two thousand a year two thousand fact IM seed her what do you call inauguration the inauguration? I can't remember where it was. It was some might have been at the Marriott waterside. I've forgotten where we were. But USF looking for a new leader. I'll do it for two hundred K Sam fair for three still discount and the car and the house anyway, she's done a fantastic job there. And I didn't realize she was seventy years old. She doesn't look seventy years old by a long shot. But she's hanging it up. It's eight eight eight fifteen on AM Tampa Bay and we're going to go to the newsroom now and Chris strengthen Florida's not expecting a direct hit. But the state will still feel the impact of hurricane Florence. As it approaches the Carolinas this week. The national weather service says the storm will create hazardous surf conditions on the east coast, including life-threatening rip currents Florence is currently a category two hurricane but it's expected to become a category for some democratic voters. Think Rick Scott is running scare the Republican governor hit announced he would make a campaign stop at a Donut shop in Santa Rosa beach this weekend. But he was a no show. He never gave a reason but protesters who showed up at the Donut shop the Senate candidate was afraid to face them. They're upset with the GOP nominee for signing a Bill restricting beach access one woman tells the Tampa Bay times she can't believe Scott's afraid of a bunch of little old ladies in tennis shoes. So Hillsborough county deputies are credited with saving two teenagers from a capsized kayak the boat flipped over this weekend at the bay by U R V resort four deputies through them. A rope and the teens caught hold and they were able to pull them to shore. I'm Chris Frank, man. Newsradio nine seventy WFL a Nel. Let's check sports from the six twenty WD a east sportscenter on Aaron Jacobson. The buccaneers shocked the New Orleans Saints yesterday with a forty eight to forty win toward her back. Ryan Fitzpatrick completed twenty one at twenty eight passes without an interception. He also ran for a touchdown up next for the buccaneers. They host the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday the race tied a team record with their eleventh straight home win beating the Baltimore Orioles. Eight to three yesterday the raise of one sixteen of nineteen overall. They're back at home tonight to take on the Indians. First pitch is at seven ten. Aaron Rodgers led the Packers back from a twenty point deficit for twenty four to twenty three season. Opening win over the Chicago Bears..

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