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You so much the problem of this though m a updating somber show prep he we got so much oh my god so much stuff going on so much stuff going on now i i told you about this top of the hour russia is secretly practicing a fullscale invasion of europe with bombing range on germany this is during lottery putin's military drills details of the so called the pad or is that bid west exercises revealed by analysts this ccording to the sun from two leading intelligence agencies build is reporting they didn't specify the methods used to collect the intel at the time putin claimed the exercises were for antiterror purposes and were purely defensive in nature however the paper reported that the drills were a dry run for a shot camp pain against western europe nato countries how 'bout that on this included first overrunning the suwalki gap a sixty mile stretch of nato land the connects to the russian enclave of kaliningrad with its ally belarus and so they're saying they're practicing on this year i can you imagine they would actually do this i i certainly hope it wouldn't happen it practices by creating a mock state on an identical piece of land in belarus then they invaded it at the same time the analysts said the kremlin also rehearsed neutralising or taking under control airfields and harbours in eastern europe so there are no reinforcements arriving from the nato states there they added this does not mean that you have to occupy the country's and declare people's republics or something like that but there you have to occupy the harbors airports and so on you know you know that vladamir putin would loved to put the soviet union back together he would love to put the old soviet union back together over two days russian fighter jets also flew mock sorties through the baltic and north seas swooping down on the edges of germany and the netherlands probably scaring them no one out of folks these were designed to be a practice run for destroying highvalue targets such as power reactors airports and other forces including naval battalions practiced invading neutral finland as well as sweden norway and poland the cell by the russian and belarusian uh troops on territory in both countries in september and their new source of concern for neighboring ukraine and nato memberstates on europe's eastern flank now i ask you if there if they it start to invade europe who would.

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