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That's what the ventilation system in here. It's a little toasty in here. It's really warm. The air is stale and smells a little bit too. You know for being gassed or what? Caf? I am 6 40. Heard that? Where the music like Johnny Kensho? John Coble, Ken Champ? Oh, and welcome things. They're off to a cranky start. Well, if you were here, you'd be complaining. Don't go there. Follow my advice. I don't have a stuffy room. That stinks because I don't share it with a bunch of smelly radio people. Well, you know, I don't know It's being re circulated in the air. No. You complain about the airplane to are the ones always thought all that That's what it smells like. It smells like when you walk into an airplane where they where they turned off the engine, and the air is getting warm. And has an order to it. I know what you're that's what it smells like. Yeah, it's sort of a standings. Kind of. Yeah, stale and stuff, And I don't know the virus hanging in the air here. Sea air conditioning sailing Covina particles Don't know doesn't doesn't doesn't feel right viral loads. Somebody's viral loads hanging in the air. Um, yeah, not lost on John or myself was the story that among all the damage the mob did that Wednesday, United States Capitol. I'll just leave it like this. They left brown footprints. Yeah. Yeah, I wonder that that day I said, there's somebody gonna pull down their pants and shoot one out. Yeah, that's the ultimate way to really pay disrespect. Yeah, they started acting acting like occupy protesters. They really weren't in there that long. So you know, I read in one of the stories that they were. They were relieving themselves in the restrooms. And then they were. They were taking their Oh, their deposits their deposits and then smearing it all over the hallways. Oh, and I heard that somewhere. Tracking it. Yeah. Yeah, that would pretty. Was that too. I mean, they had there was some urine found. Yeah, they had a variety of ways to spread their their waste products. And this was this was their message to the government. These people, the more I'm reading the ones who decided to lead that the charge inside these were the real far out crazies. These were the guys who belong to organizations. And mostly Cuban on people. You see the video of one of the first insurgencies up the steps to the Senate chambers. There's one poor Capitol cop. I don't know who took this video something with a cell phone behind the cop. He's standing there. You don't see the guy. They don't see the mob. Yet. He's on the stairs. He's kind of holding like a stick some sort of Bataan and he's you conceive, gesturing, but he's backing up. Almost every second of the video he stops, and then he starts to back up and back up. And then here they come around the corner like zombies out of a horror movie, led by some guy from Iowa has got the Cuban on shirt on. And they just kept Emily realized he's not going to hold them off. He's hoping he comes up, but he pushes one of them sort of been. This is the lead guy again. Try to push them back to say You can't go any further, but there's probably 15 or 20 of them and one of him, so he just keeps backing up, backing up, so he loses. She eventually gets to a hallway where is joined by about seven Capitol police officers, all armed and they're all standing here with a face off, and that's when I turned off the video, but this was apparently the first major insurgents. Into the Senate chamber area eventually, you know, they got into the Senate chambers. So yeah, here it is. A source close to, uh Chuck Schumer. Said the invading writers He filed Theo capital with their dung. Staffers saw feces in the hallways. They took dumps in bathrooms and then spread around their poop, said the Schumer aid. It came from the bathroom, and then they tracked it around. There was an intentional effort to degrade the Capitol building. Another congressman said there was urine there was clear desecration. And yet you were busy in the last half hour, sending me polls, Ipso send you Gove that there is a certain amount of support out there for these intruders. Two poles. They were different in the results. But among Republicans between 23 23 45% of Republicans in America supported the actions of the capital. I like to two terms of people could use that to different ends, patriots or fools. Where they fools. A number of Republicans said they were fools now, But of course, the other side there. Their domestic terrorists. They're they're extremists, criminals. The thing is this crowd. Is not going away there. You know, a few of their leaders may have been arrested. It might be imprisoned, but they represent a lot of people out there and they're not going to take the Biden administration down. We're not gonna take it lightly. Well, there was apparently social media chatter about doing something at the inauguration, but they're supposedly Ah lot of the quote followers said. Maybe not. But there were suggestions they should go after other state capitals around the country. Yeah. Go back again. No, the these guys in it for the long haul. Then they actually feel that the United States has been taken over by evil forces. And it is their patriotic duty to fight all these evil forces. Well, they just set their president for four years. I Yes, I know, but he was unfairly deposed. He was a fairly overthrown with the fraudulent election. You see, this is gonna go on for a while that I read. Even rush was talking about Lexington and Concord. Yeah, he said Hey, what referenced e o. These are like the that kind of revolutionaries. Yeah, he was comparing him to the original. Yes, the Revolution War war heroes. It's like first insurgents. Is the first uprisings. Yeah, No, there's there's a British there, so just there's a lot of guys doing that stuff. Some say we're in for a wild four years of bite marks. You know, the thing is part of the story which got buried was that there was a pipe bomb. At the Republican National Committee headquarters and another one at the Democratic Committee headquarters. And these were real pipe bombs. Thieves weren't fakes. Yes, I did.

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