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So it wasn't the summertime and people weren't out there and they weren't in the house because they were parents were down in Florida living in their Florida house. So no one's in the house for a long time except for a caretaker we come in and we find like a bunch of pop prints awry. They had come down the chimney and they and we're like, okay, down the chimney. We looked everywhere. There were no reckons, none. Okay. We check everything the entire, like the all the food that was in the kitchen had been rummaged through. So they had definitely the recruited planet and done their thing and gone through Rookus. We looked everywhere and we are like, okay, no recruits. Here we looked everywhere. We go to sleep. Do not like this. Thank you. We wake up the next morning and there is fresh recruit shit in the sink. Would that wasn't there the night before, like the raccoons were in the house while we were sleeping, I'm bored. I thought you were going to say in the bed. I'm like, not excited. I put on my wife sweater, no, but it was. We were like scared shitless because we're like a camp, believe they were. We checked everywhere and they were gone and then they were there. And then the guy who came over who is kind of like the caretaker, I m Mukunda anymore. That It was was a a recruiting, recruiter. but he down two hundred. Always been here MS. So I imagine that like his His wife. wife, the photo of Randy from nineteen eighteen reckon. I am pageant that his wife was killed by reckons in the movie, the horror movie of the Rickett. He's the first one to die. He's the first one. He's the one shooting in the six. Tiny. All right. So she hears noises coming from her kitchen. The culprit three raccoons had broken through her window screen the target, this person is way into this treatment more than a story. Would that be great? I'm going to pose a question and then I'm going to m I pose questions. Yes, I am. Am I answering questions? You'll find out or being tricked into pitching. Written Brody Stevens for Iraq. For. Got it. Gonna hold it down. Ventura rolled on over the more arc stood in line at Marie calendar's party of raccoons. Leaping into action with a broom, Jenny prom made enough of a commotion. Two of the bandits decided the goods weren't worth it. But again, because they're wearing 'cause they have, they looked like they did break it is it's very biased. But the third raccoon simply stared at her. That's Donald. Talk about toaster defiantly gnawing on her English Muffin. Son of a picture of this raccoon. One like that. Right. I've seen these is Dan. I've seen these rating this toaster-oven like Shays lounge. Should you not look at this picture? Might you flash back? It's a trigger. Right so much bread. You ready for this..

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