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What is our what is? Our jeopardy. Category two categories one, is. Next line please I give. You a line you give me the follow. Like this guy the other one. Is Elvis hits, in other words I wanna do the first one the next line because we have to listen to all. Of, it to okay and you. Must. Be precise okay because these are. Not. That tough okay so I give you. The first line you give. Me. The next okay Rudolph the red nosed reindeer nanny had what has had a, very. Shiny nose correct Hey diddle diddle Susan Susan, Susan Hey diddle. Diddle the cat and the fiddle what? Does. The cat. And, the. Fiddle. Correct, all, right Here comes Peter cotton, what? Has happened down. The. Bunny, trail a righty Hoppy Peters on his. Way you're getting every word right 'cause? I'm. Checking okay That'd. Be really careful camp, town? Ladies sing this. Song What is Duda Duda We used to live right next to the Stephen foster, memorial, in high springs Florida and they have little what do they call the little things. Where the people dance it's, almost like a diorama but they move Rama's but they move and they had one for my, favorite, not even that advanced yeah really rudimentry it's like when you go to check each. Type of you not even, that fancy okay Finally. There, was a. Farmer had a dog and being go was his name what, is being go was. His.

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