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The i heard the madam ma madam speaker i heard you're on your way to what the far east china you've reached the top gray did not wear out to call now we cash show i'm toco good lack goodbye what is what that was he referring though what irritates telling her that she should be as popular as tommy larranaga's though tommy aaron good lord i it's not enough the you know i finally somewhat is proved the me it's not enough to be goodlooking you know there is there is more to life than being beautiful that she popularity as hoover did after all these years another terrorist bombing in london clearly vigilance is working well you can't stop them all let's the problem i mean everybody knows that especially you can't stop them all when you're leading yet uh you know thousands if not scores of nought hundreds of more of them every day into the country paid all we get by by you will free ticket to the new chappaquiddick movie will you go with me and we will bolt wit neck braces to the theater a a yearly me to go with the of by they if i go i think i'll definitely be wearing a neck brace that's a very good idea ted ted kennedy in as you're not familiar with kennedy babble on my new book by he he got a a clean bill of health at cape cod hospital after rug the the acts of the killed mary jo kopechne they but he thought a neck brace would be a good props oh the next day when he went to pennsylvania for mary joe's funeral he was wearing a neck brace do we know yet what theaters and boston are going to be carrying chappaquiddick i think it's i think it's a waste away i think it's i don't think it's coming out anytime soon eric armed creator a cop back now curry carrier fear greedy rpker murray wary up i know but thorough the president of venezuela presides over this terrible la totalitarian system that the totally destroyed the prosperity of venezuela and now he's angry at the at the citizens who are starving because they don't wanna killed a little pet bunnies like it's their fault but if i was living in venezuela am i need a covered animal to find i know.

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