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Yeah. Nobody ever said that. But if you've got gotta go ahead and spend money on the one nonfiction book. It's gotta be the ultimate clash of wisdom. Awesomeness? And then obviously the politics a little bit of comedy. Why? Now live a memoir, why not something that's going to make you say, hey, I actually enjoyed reading this. I laughed. I learned something in the process checkout. My book, it's an Amazon bestseller. You may have heard of it. It's stay away from the libertarians it talks about all the things you think you might know about libertarians. Plus a lot of things that I bet dollars doughnuts. You don't know about you can get on Amazon and Barnes and noble online. So go on right now, you can get in prince or e book or kindle, or whatever you call it. Just go out and get it on Amazon and Barnes and noble online today. It's stay away from the libertarians by. Renzo w Martinez affects of in me. We are getting the right into this twenty one a season. Well, back this is the rim. Some Martinez experienced. I'm your host as always Remm. So w Martinez. It's so great to have you. Here told you a few weeks ago, we probably would be covering much of the twenty twenty race but much like my addictions all things that are politics. We are back with another episode. This time we were talking about very very interesting coalition, which may be occurring within the Democratic Party. And libertarians sounds kinda strange haven't seen that for a while the last libertarian presidential candidate. We saw Democrats side only lasted one debate. And before that his name was Bobby Kennedy, and he was shot, by communists, before we go any further. Go ahead and do me a favor. Go ahead and follow me on Twitter at Remco four for now. F O R VA. That's remm. So for VA follow me, I'll follow you back that way. We'll keep going further with this discussion. Try and make. Waves where we can think and unconventional thoughts and improbable world talking about things change on a daily basis today. We were talking about the potential rise of a left wing star. I won't even know whether it really call her left-wing, I will call her progressive because I want to go ahead and make things seem like they, you know, aren't what they really are. Call her progressive because she is a progressive democrat. They're conservative Republicans. There are people on the right? I like their people on the left. I like as long as liberty is your focus. I'm okay fat and over the past year, specifically from two thousand sixteen onward the Democrats have been looking for that person to go ahead and go up against Donald Trump, and you know, the Democratic Party right now the field looks pretty pretty weak. Because when we really think about it. The Democrats didn't expect to be in the situation where they have losers and people if no name recognition and have no real contributions cloud or establish -ment bona fee. This. That can actually go up against it. Because we were supposed to be living in Hillary's America. So their opposition. But you know, is everything just socialism from here on out them crack party since it seems like the Clinton wing just destroyed and immolated itself and eight self alive. Maybe maybe not maybe there's a way we can go ahead and get involved. If you do not know Tulsi Gabbard is I I learned about her when she was proposing Bill such as the stop giving terrorist arms act with a mile, boss. Tom garrett. Go ahead and jump into this. I've got four articles. I want to go ahead. And you know, kinda read to you they so that way we could flush up time line of thought when it comes to the ideas of should libertarians put their support behind one candidate another specifically a democrat. That's something that hasn't really been discussed as of late. But the idea of should libertarians voted all should libertarians go for a Republican specifically that really came out in two thousand sixteen with two major camps. There's a third one. There was libertarians Ted Cruz. But that's the story don't really wanna talk about because it's not anything that was really that. Big of n- issue was a hot contentious problem for five minutes with people. I was of course, one of the libertarians supported Ted Cruz along of a series of other libertarian commentators of very small group of us. I'll admit, but it was primarily between ironically, Iran's Paul who obviously..

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