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Of the names of all the members of bon jovi well when they were at their peak anyway they had jon bon jovi on vocals richie sandbar on the guitar uh tico torahs on drums david brian i was right about the first name david brian was on the keyboards in the basest alec john such now i remember that name now that i was reminded of it i i remember the name as a parallel his dismissal from the band was it 1994 it's it's it's clouded in a haze of mystery nobody exactly knows why he was let go from the ban but the rumors were according to enemy dot com he was pushed out of the banned for poor live performances that'll get you every time maybe just didn't have that pizazz another jon bon jovi was looking for well it the thing with those he was a basis bassist really don't deal bud vases is never the star of a banned it you know unless you're i mean this couple of examples but the no the basest as always the guy he's just there to hold down the fort you know keep the baselines keep the rhythm section in order and you know and hold down the fort the vocalist and the guitars to a supposed a you know create most of the fireworks thanks a st sometimes the drummer to sometimes the drummer may know the rhythm section they're just supposed to keep the beat but the other superstars go and do their job mm alec john such i forgot about that night was going to andrew andrew you're on the brian jones show hey what's going on a boat he had a uh comes to the hall of fame i'm i don't know much about rock and roll read buying but when it comes to the baseball off growing up uh grip georgia stale markieff i am do and he got robbed by alan trammell on the uh over here i don't understand how a man can dominate a whole decade of baseball the.

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