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I know because it was one of those you want to do it tonight now. Well, we'll though tomorrow and then all of a sudden we just left. My wish we had done. I guess I'm just being very basic here was I wish we had gone to more thermal baths. It makes sense. You can't miss the thermal baths. I wish we had done more thorough bass. I actually had it all planned out of which ones are going to go to win, and I was going to do like a three, thermal bath, bang, bang, bang, bang in one day. And again, we just ran out of time. So when we go back, I definitely want to check out at least three or four of the other thermal baths just to get a good feel for them. And I, I mean, you can't go wrong with their own bath. Really. It's fun in the summer. It's fun in the winter. It's it's not that expensive and it's a cool cultural experience for me, basically checks all boxes. So I wish we had done a few more of the thermal baths, and they're all they're all unique as well. Like they're all different summer smaller summer bigger. So I think that's pretty cool that they all have their own by. That's what I wish we had done, but. That being said, he's real into one, maybe one of the best ones one. And we also had a fantastic time in Budapest. There is almost nothing I would change. It was the city that both of us had been wanting to go to for a while and you put it on your top ten places you wanna go or your travel wishlist, you're for the last three years. I really glad that we win and indefinitely lived up to our expectations and maybe even better than I thought it would be because we just enjoyed it so much. And we did go to bury nice time of the year. It was the end of may, and it wasn't super crowded. But the weather was really awesome, just pleasant and it was kind of just in the seventies and eighties degree Fahrenheit every day. So I don't know. I would highly recommend going in may. And as we mentioned Budapest to me as one of those cities that the more time you get to spend in it, the more you're going to like it. We did eight days and we did a lot, but I feel like it's a place. That you could go and live. Not that not everyone. Listening is going to go live there, but you could spend it and extending time STAN. There's a lot to do. You can also hit it for three days and get get some of the field, but it's certainly a place that's manageable walkable by caboodle. But there's a lot underneath that still you can see if you have an extent walk everywhere. We took a taxi to and from the airport, that's it. And we took the train one time. And other than that, we just walked in walked and walked and it was really, really enjoy 'em. So one of our favorite cities in the world, I think I speak for both of us when we say that because it had good food, good coffee shops, good places, drink culture, great architecture. And again, like we said, manageable with a kid also manageable. It can be very, very cheap. Or if you want to do a little buji experience Budapest's it's still a third to half the price of a western city if you were to go to New York or Paris or London. So all of that combined really makes it in my mind, a pretty special and magical place that I think most people should put on there. I timber, especially if they're going to do one of those European vacations do a euro trip. So there you guys have it if you want to check out all the stuff. We mentioned remember everything and it's going to be a lot of stuff. This time is linked up in the show notes. You.

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