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J. newsradio nine fifty stay with us is an accident so the car fire blocking an eighty four westbound west of Van **** traffic and weather just ahead. if you're carrying a gun the public supermarket chain doesn't want to see it Publix joining a growing number of retirees and retailers and asking customers not so openly carry firearms in its stores even if state laws allow it. Alice becomes a week after the compare competitor Kroger and Walmart and target on other companies are asking customers to not openly Kerry either in their stores the policies don't amount out right prohibitions in particular because stores generally haven't said how their workers should deal with customers who don't voluntarily follow the rules that they put into place. W. W. gain use time ten thirty four governor whispers executive order to ban flavored vaping products in Michigan the focus today of a house oversight committee hearing. WWJ newsradio nine fifties Michael Cohen will have those details in seconds your tax dollars school road and breaking news watch never stop on his radio nine fifteen W. WGA hearing included testimony from the chief medical executive of the department of health and Human Services who said the ban was necessary to protect young people from the harmful effects of nicotine lawmakers also heard from opponents of the executive order including marks lists owns of bait shop in the upper peninsula helping these people to save their own lives has been the most rewarding experience of my life and now our governor seeks to make that a crime punishable by six months in prison these orders also make it a crime for my customers to have more than four bottles of the flavored liquid slow says his customers typically carry three to four bottles at a time adding that the flavors are absolutely necessary and are the key to quitting smoking Michael Cohen WWJ newsradio nine fifty federal investigators now beginning to examine the charred remains of that dive boat that caught fire off the coast of southern California the boat was raised as federal investigators released their preliminary reports now into that tragedy CBS news correspondent Jonathan vaguely ideas in Santa Barbara and says investigators now focusing on batteries and power strips as possible causes for that blaze the boat was required by the Coast Guard to have one crew member service overwhelming night watchman it's unclear what started the fire but among the possible causes the NTSB is considering is whether lithium ion batteries used to power phones and cameras over heated in response to last week's tragedy the Coast Guard re issued its emergency open water safety guidelines which included limiting the unsupervised charging of lithium ion batteries and the use of power strips thirty four people were killed in that fire. the CBS news investigation and covering a new fronts in the battle against ISIS human traffickers have been helping members of ISIS infiltrate western Europe I posed to notice a refugee but as an ISIS wife who wanted safe passage to Germany no problem I'll why instead. in fact he told us he'd moved on the ISIS members before he even bragged that he'd smuggled three brothers of Korea's al Qaeda terrorist Abu Musab al Zarqawi a claim we can for them CBS news correspondent Holly Williams who in under cover for the story updating you on the road to sign ninety four westbound just west of Van **** we do have a car fire blocking all lanes traffic and weather just moments away a new study is sounding the alarm about social media and use by teenagers researchers studied nearly seven thousand teens and those who spent more than three hours using social media are at risk of becoming socially.

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